Sale results for 5 December 2013

1927 Austin 12 Windsor Saloon

During the late 1920s and early 1930s, Britain was suffering the effects of the Great Depression. Herbert Austin’s Heavy 12s must have been... Read more about Austin 12 Windsor Saloon »

1928 Austin 12 'Heavy' Clifton Tourer

After the First World War, like most other motor car manufacturers of the time, Austin focussed on a ‘high end’ product in the Austin... Read more about Austin 12 'Heavy' Clifton Tourer »

1929 Austin 7 Taylor Semi Sports

The Austin Seven has appeared in many forms since its origins, but here we have one of the rarest survivors in quite delightful two seat sports... Read more about Austin 7 Taylor Semi Sports »

1968 Bedford CA Dormobile Romany Motorhome

The Bedford CA was produced from 1952 until 1969 by Vauxhall Motors’ subsidiary, Bedford Vehicles of Luton. The model was supplied either as... Read more about Bedford CA Dormobile Romany Motorhome »

1999 BMW 735i Long Wheelbase Auto Saloon

This beautifully presented example is described as excellent in most departments. It is certainly difficult to fault, and having had few owners,... Read more about BMW 735i Long Wheelbase Auto Saloon »

1985 Citroen 2CV6 Special

In production for an astonishing 42 years between 1948 and 1990, the Citroen 2CV was originally conceived as an economy car to wean French farmers... Read more about Citroen 2CV6 Special »

1934 Daimler 15 'Rye' Cabriolet by Martin Walter

AYW 133 was built on a 1933 D15 Lockheed hydraulic braked chassis with coachwork by Martin Walter in the long vanished WW1 airship hangar at Capel... Read more about Daimler 15 'Rye' Cabriolet by Martin Walter »

1938 Excelsior 98cc Autobyk

In 1937, The Excelsior Motor Co Ltd launched its production of the innovative Autobyk, which was one of the first two Villiers Junior-powered... Read more about Excelsior 98cc Autobyk »

1997 Ford Fiesta Ghia

The fourth generation Ford Fiesta was launched in 1995, and built on the success of the previous versions that dated back to 1976 to become the... Read more about Ford Fiesta Ghia »

1973 Honda SS50

Arriving in the late 1960s, Honda’s SS50 moped was renowned for its good reliability. The economical ‘Super Sports’ was equipped... Read more about Honda SS50 »

1977 Honda CD175 A5

The A5 model was the last of the CD175s, a phenomenally successful commuter motorcycle range that was sold throughout the world from 1967. It was... Read more about Honda CD175 A5 »

1997 Jaguar XK8 Convertible Auto

This one ‘crime writer’ owner example has been regularly serviced by a local Jaguar main dealer. The low mileage XK8 is described as... Read more about Jaguar XK8 Convertible Auto »

1994 Mercedes-Benz S280 Auto Saloon

For almost fifty years, the mighty ‘S-Class’ has graced the world’s highways and byways. Such longevity for a range of models... Read more about Mercedes-Benz S280 Auto Saloon »

1956 MG ZA Magnette

Launched at the London Motor Show in the autumn of 1953, MG’s first monocoque design the MG ZA Magnette was in production for only three... Read more about MG ZA Magnette »

1926 Morgan Aero 2 Seater Sports

Morgan 3-wheelers were manufactured in various forms from the company’s inception in 1910 right through until 1952. The design incorporated... Read more about Morgan Aero 2 Seater Sports »

1957 Morris Minor 1000 Four Door Saloon

This tidy Minor has formed part of a small collection of vehicles which is being disbanded.  589 YUK has recently been the subject of a... Read more about Morris Minor 1000 Four Door Saloon »

1970 Morris Minor 1000 Four Door Saloon

From 1956 until 1971, the Morris Minor was produced in large numbers both in saloon, convertible, estate car and commercially as a van or pickup... Read more about Morris Minor 1000 Four Door Saloon »

1965 Piaggio Vespa 150cc Sprint

Vespa production began in 1946 by the Piaggio Company of Genoa. The first Vespa was powered by a 98cc unit; only one hundred of the original... Read more about Piaggio Vespa 150cc Sprint »

1965 Riley Elf Mk II

The Riley Elf, along with the Wolseley Hornet was introduced in 1961 as a more luxurious version of the Mini. Each incorporated a different front... Read more about Riley Elf Mk II »

1969 Rover P5B Saloon

Arriving in 1967, the P5B was the final incarnation of the P5 series, which first appeared in 1958. It was powered by a gutsy 3 ½ litre V8... Read more about Rover P5B Saloon »

1980 Triumph TR7 2.0 Litre Convertible

Perhaps the greatest mistake Triumph made when introducing the TR7 was calling it a TR. Better known for powerful, slightly unruly transport, the... Read more about Triumph TR7 2.0 Litre Convertible »

1998 Triumph Daytona T595

In 1997 Triumph introduced the T595 Daytona in an attempt to corner the sports bike market.  With its alloy frame, good weight distribution,... Read more about Triumph Daytona T595 »

c1964 Triumph Tiger Cub 200cc Trials

The Tiger Cub was designed from the Terrier, Triumph’s 1950’s 149cc motorcycle.  The versatile Tiger cub with its four-stroke... Read more about Triumph Tiger Cub 200cc Trials »

1979 Volkswagen T2B Kombi

The idea for the Volkswagen Caravanette is generally credited to Ben Pon, a Dutch importer of Volkswagens. In 1946, Pon travelled to Germany with... Read more about Volkswagen T2B Kombi »