Private Treaty Sales

1952 Austin A40 Sports

Engine upgraded to 1622cc. Designed and produced with Jensen Motors, the A40 Sports of 1950 was a sporting tourer designed by Eric Neale with... Read more about Austin A40 Sports »

1970 Austin Mini 850 Van

Barn Find. How our motoring world changed when in 1959 the first Mini, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, appeared in the showrooms. This neat little... Read more about Austin Mini 850 Van »

1951 Bentley Mk VI Standard Steel Saloon

In the same family ownership for sixty years. Britain in the fifties was shaking itself free of post-war shortages, rationing and general malaise.... Read more about Bentley Mk VI Standard Steel Saloon »

1959 Bentley S1 Standard Steel Saloon

The Bentley Mk VI and the R-Type were well received by those seeking to travel in comfort and style during the mid nineteen fifties. For those... Read more about Bentley S1 Standard Steel Saloon »

1969 Bond Equipe 2 Litre Mk II

The first Triumph Herald based Equipes were produced by Bond Cars from 1963 to 1970. Initially the running gear and certain body parts came from... Read more about Bond Equipe 2 Litre Mk II »

2007 Dax Tojeiro Cobra 427 5.7 V8

A Fabulous Specification!. From the designer of the original AC Cobra, which will surely remain the ultimate motoring weapon of all time, came in... Read more about Dax Tojeiro Cobra 427 5.7 V8 »

2004 Jaguar XK8 Coupe Auto

Following the E-Type of 1961 was never going to be easy and Jaguar tried hard with the XJS in various forms, but maybe the James Bond looks never... Read more about Jaguar XK8 Coupe Auto »

1982 Land Rover Range Rover Classic 3.5

From a Private Collection. There has certainly been a recent and great renaissance of both the original Land Rover Defender style 4 x 4 and the... Read more about Land Rover Range Rover Classic 3.5 »

1956 Land Rover Series I 88"

Ex. Civil Defence. The last known record of this Series I was in 1988. Its condition was extremely poor when it came into the current ownership,... Read more about Land Rover Series I 88" »

1969 Motobecane Mobylette AV59

From a Private Collection. Launched in 1949 by Motobecane of France as the Mobylette this charming little moped became very popular with... Read more about Motobecane Mobylette AV59 »

1973 Renault 15TL Coupe

From a Private Collection. Introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1971, production of the 15 continued until 1979 alongside the 17. Powered by... Read more about Renault 15TL Coupe »

1931 Renault Primaquatre

From a Private Collection. The last model offered by Renault before the death of founder Louis Renault in 1944 and produced from 1931 to 1941, the... Read more about Renault Primaquatre »

1982 Renault Fuego GTS

From a Private Collection. The Renault Fuego continued in the vein of the 15s and 17s of the Seventies and became a fondly remembered grand... Read more about Renault Fuego GTS »

1955 Renault R7013 Tractor

From a Private Collection. No Renault collection should be without its Tractor so we are pleased to offer here something from Renault Agriculture... Read more about Renault R7013 Tractor »

1933 Riley Lynx Two Door Tourer

Probably one of the prettiest of the pre-war sports cars produced by the Riley Brothers, the low slung Lynx has not only the looks but is... Read more about Riley Lynx Two Door Tourer »

1952 Riley RME 1 ½ Litre Saloon

OFFERS INVITED. The Riley RM series is considered by many to be amongst the prettiest post war classic motor cars. With flowing coachwork and a... Read more about Riley RME 1 ½ Litre Saloon »

1930 Scott Two Speed Super Squirrel

The Super Squirrel was a unique and exciting motorcycle from the well-respected Scott Company. The two stroke engine was water cooled by a... Read more about Scott Two Speed Super Squirrel »

1949 Sunbeam S8 500cc

BSA had acquired ‘captured’ plans of the BMW R75 by way of reparations following WW2 and the full rights actually became part of the... Read more about Sunbeam S8 500cc »

1936 Talbot BD75 Sports

Once a pre-war saloon had become past its best, it quite often became rebuilt as an open tourer and was often known as a special. It was important... Read more about Talbot BD75 Sports »

2003 Triumph Thunderbird

To some Britishness is still important. So if you are looking for something to take to the Biker’s Café or on a Rideout, you will have... Read more about Triumph Thunderbird »

1991 Triumph Trophy 1200/4

The Triumph Trophy 1200 is deemed a proper old-school tourer, very classy with a good dose of sportiness. Performance from the 1180cc engine is... Read more about Triumph Trophy 1200/4 »

1949 Willys Jeep CJ-3A

Made famous by John Wayne and various Hollywood heroes in epic WW2 films, the little Jeep seemed to be able to perform remarkable feats of... Read more about Willys Jeep CJ-3A »