c1964 Triumph Tiger Cub 200cc Trials

Make: Triumph
Model: Tiger Cub 200cc Trials
Year: c1964
Registration Number: Unregistered
Frame Number: F4421 T51001
Engine Number: T20 63643
Sold For: £1375

Auction Date: 5 December 2013
Lot No: 207

The Tiger Cub was designed from the Terrier, Triumph’s 1950’s 149cc motorcycle.  The versatile Tiger cub with its four-stroke engine and light weight body became a usable and economic mode of transport. It’s off road potential was exploited in the early 1960’s and many examples went on to become modified. In 1964 Triumph created ‘Sports Cub’ and the ‘Trials Cub’ which sported excellent ground clearance with lighter components with these advantages Triumph trials bikes had produced a winning design for the enthusiast’s market.

This particular Tiger Cub was the subject of a thorough restoration in 2000. It is equipped with heavyweight front forks, a high lift camshaft, high-compression piston, ‘trials’ gears and gas rear shock absorbers, together with alloy: mudguards, handlebars, tank and silencer. The machine sits on alloy-rimmed, stainless steel-spoked wheels, fitted with a 2.75x21 tyre to the front and a 4.00x18 to the rear.

As it has not been ridden since the restoration, the Cub will require recommissioning prior to returning to the mud track; however, the vendor assures us that the engine turns over and that all gears are in working order.