1927 Austin 12 Windsor Saloon

Make: Austin
Model: 12 Windsor Saloon
Year: 1927
Registration Number: BF 5962
Chassis Number: 33391
Engine Number: 72013L
Steering: Right Hand Drive
MOT Test Expiry: Exempt
Sold For: £9460

Auction Date: 5 December 2013
Lot No: 225

During the late 1920s and early 1930s, Britain was suffering the effects of the Great Depression. Herbert Austin’s Heavy 12s must have been a welcome relief, offering in their many guises, Saloons, Coupes, Vans and trucks, a level of strength and dependency which carried families and small businesses through the troubled times.

Powered by a 12.8 hp four cylinder, side valve engine, driving through a four speed gearbox, the Heavy 12 trundled on through all manner of weather at a steady 40-50 mph, using around 25mpg. A lovely article in one of the five files attached to this car, describes the experience of one of its previous owners, who bought the car in 1951 for £105 and kept it as his only daily driver for fifty years. During this time he tells us that only two major repairs, the rebuilding of the rotten roof structure and an engine rebuild, caused him to be off the road for any length of time. He enjoyed the simple pre-war upright coachwork which gives such excellent vision - particularly in fog, and the vertical windscreen, which does not freeze up.

The yellow and black coachwork, whilst apparently of sound appearance, is of ‘good for age’ description. The interior has original looking hide seats (the file actually tells of a recovered rear seat many years ago) and the general aura is of old drawing room, which is absolutely impossible to re-create. Mechanically, the vendor states that the engine runs smoothly with excellent oil pressure; the gearbox and rear axle are also described as good.

The car comes to Auction as it is so hard to value. First rate examples are making £15,000 and upwards. This is a running and driving example, which clearly needs careful thought and gentle rejuvenation, rather than wholesale desecration. An interesting project indeed, with the reward at the end of the day and during that time of owning one of Britain’s finest, prettiest and most endearing vintage motors.

Documentation with the motor car includes five files of history, instructions, drawings and photos. A relatively short spell overseas saw the loss of the original registration number to which most of the files allude, but it has an age related number plate of correct two letter, four number form. The V5C and past MOT test certificates will also be passed to the new custodian.