Sale results for 16 October 2014

Dorset Vintage & Classic Auctions (DVCA) Covid 19 Status

In view of the current restrictions, which will prevent us offering our particular brand of specialist public auctions for historic vehicles and automobilia held at Henstridge Airfield, DVCA proposes the following measures to maintain sales on behalf of our clients and continued enthusiasm for all we enjoy in handling such vehicles.

Motor cars and motorcycles may now be entered For Sale by Auction but with the caveat ‘unless previously sold’.

It may be some while before we can produce an actual auction sale as such. Thus instead of waiting for a declared auction date, vehicles will initially be offered for sale by private treaty, i.e. they may be purchased at any time before the next stated auction sale by agreement between buyer and seller by negotiation carried out through DVCA. This brings each vehicle on to the market straight away and it will be marketed as such for the remainder of the current crisis.

In the event of a sale being negotiated through DVCA, our fees will be charged at the rate of 10% +VAT

Once the threat of this virus is declared over, the vendors of any remaining vehicles will have the option of entering their vehicles For Sale by Auction, and they will appear on the appropriate section of our website and catalogued in the normal way. An entry fee to cover these additional expenses will be payable as for any DVCA sale and commission charged as normal.

We are fortunate in having workshop facilities on site via our sister firm Unicorn Motor Co. Pre-sale work can be carried out by agreement to make sure the vehicle is displayed to its best advantage.

Clearly viewing at our Stalbridge premises must be carried out in accordance with strict government guidelines to maintain maximum safety to all involved. A prospective purchaser will be asked to make an appointment and certain procedures will be initiated as necessary to preserve social distancing and hygiene.

DVCA are committed to providing a professional approach to this problem, allowing in our case for the fact that not all our clients have the technical advantages in equipment, or indeed knowledge to operate the same in a confident manner. Much can go adrift in cyber space oriented systems and we prefer that you have a human being at your service throughout.

DVCA are happy to arrange properly prescribed transport for your vehicle and look forward to taking care of it within the constraints of the current situation. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

2001 Alfa Romeo Spider T Spark Lusso

Since its foundation in 1910, Alfa Romeo has produced some of the world’s most stylish and desirable motor cars. Modern classic Alfas offer... Read more about Alfa Romeo Spider T Spark Lusso »

1932 Austin 7 RN De Luxe Saloon

Every so often a motor car comes along which simply takes your breath away. Here we have one of the loveliest Austin Sevens imaginable and no... Read more about Austin 7 RN De Luxe Saloon »

c1976 Beamish Suzuki RL-250 Mk 2 Trials Motorcycle

Based on the Suzuki RL-250 ‘Exacta’ models, the Beamish Suzuki Trials Motorcycle was produced in the 1970s by ex-BSA works rider... Read more about Beamish Suzuki RL-250 Mk 2 Trials Motorcycle »

2000 Bentley Arnage ‘Red Label’ Saloon

Launched at La Sarthe in 1998, the Arnage benefitted from the collaboration between Bentley, Rolls-Royce and BMW. The prestige sporting car was... Read more about Bentley Arnage ‘Red Label’ Saloon »

1995 Bentley Continental R

Bentley produced their grand coupe, the Continental R, from 1991 until 2002. Inspired by the post-war ‘Continental’ and... Read more about Bentley Continental R »

1968 BSA Bantam 175cc

The Birmingham Small Arms Company was established in 1860 by a group of gunsmiths who produced military and sporting firearms. In 1880, the... Read more about BSA Bantam 175cc »

1965 Daimler 2 ½ Litre V8 Saloon

Despite its outward similarities to the Jaguar Mk II, the Daimler 2 ½ litre V8 Saloon was a completely different proposition. Although it was... Read more about Daimler 2 ½ Litre V8 Saloon »

1981 DeLorean DMC-12

The DeLorean DMC – 12 was the only model produced by John DeLorean’s self-named motor company.  DeLorean began his career with... Read more about DeLorean DMC-12 »

1964 Enfield Bullet 350cc

According to the Royal Enfield Owner’s Club Dating Officer, the frame and engine of this machine is an early 1960s Bullet. Factory records... Read more about Enfield Bullet 350cc »

1967 Fiat 124 Sport Spider by Pininfarina

The 124 Sport Spider was launched at the Turin Motor Show in 1966; as a 2+2 convertible styled by Italian design house Pininfarina, it was... Read more about Fiat 124 Sport Spider by Pininfarina »

1970 Ford Cortina 1600E

Ford of Britain built the Cortina from 1962 until 1982; the 1600E went into production from 1968 for only two years. The labelling denotes... Read more about Ford Cortina 1600E »

1991 Ford Fiesta Popular Bonus

Arriving in 1976, the Fiesta was Ford’s answer to the British Mini; a sporty but safe, small and economical mode of transportation for the... Read more about Ford Fiesta Popular Bonus »

1985 Kawasaki KE125-A12

The Kawasaki motorcycle division forms a relatively small part of ‘Kawasaki Heavy Industries’, which also produces trains, boats and... Read more about Kawasaki KE125-A12 »

1956 Lancia Aurelia B20GT Series 6 2.5 V6 Coupe by Pininfarina

Launched in 1950 and designed by Vittorio Jano, the Aurelia was blessed with both high performance and immaculate Italian style. It was the first... Read more about Lancia Aurelia B20GT Series 6 2.5 V6 Coupe by Pininfarina »

c1959 Matchless G12 650cc

This Matchless is supplied with two old tax discs from 1972 and 76, and a V5 registration document. The road tax classification for the motorcycle... Read more about Matchless G12 650cc »

1971 MG B GT

Succeeding the MGA, the B range of models were innovative for their era. The lightweight monocoque construction produced a car that was economical... Read more about MG B GT »

1967 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller

As soon as a Morris Minor Traveller burbles by, packed full with its happy occupants including dogs and family impedimenta, it leaves one with a... Read more about Morris Minor 1000 Traveller »

1964 Morris Mini Traveller

Not long after the Mini Saloon had established itself in our hearts, it was somewhat inevitable that derivations should follow, particularly for... Read more about Morris Mini Traveller »

1931 Morris Minor Two Seat Sports Tourer

The original Morris Minor arrived in 1928, in direct competition with the phenomenon that was the Austin Seven. The model was equipped with cable... Read more about Morris Minor Two Seat Sports Tourer »

1963 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller

From 1956 until 1971, the Morris Minor was produced in large numbers both in saloon, convertible, estate car and commercially as a van or pickup... Read more about Morris Minor 1000 Traveller »

1978 Piaggio Vespa 150cc Super

Vespa production began in 1946 by the Piaggio Company of Genoa. The first Vespa was powered by a 98cc unit; only one hundred of the original... Read more about Piaggio Vespa 150cc Super »

1925 Riley 11/40 12hp Sports Four Seat Tourer

In 1919 Riley produced a very successful 10.8 hp sports car. The 12 hp 11/40 type engine was new in 1925 and was said to perform as well as the... Read more about Riley 11/40 12hp Sports Four Seat Tourer »

1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit I

Arriving in 1980, the Mk I Silver Spirit inherited much of its styling and mechanics from its predecessor, the Silver Shadow. The 6750cc V8 engine... Read more about Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit I »

1973 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1

In 1965, Rolls-Royce introduced an entirely new design with unitary construction, self-levelling independent suspension and servo assisted brakes... Read more about Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1 »

1934 Talbot AX 65 Six Light Saloon by Darracq

Founded in 1903, Talbot came into being as a result of a venture between English peer Charles Chetwynd-Talbot and French entrepreneur Adolphe... Read more about Talbot AX 65 Six Light Saloon by Darracq »

1959 Triumph T20 Tiger Cub

The Tiger Cub was designed from the Terrier, Triumph’s 1950’s 149cc motorcycle. The versatile Tiger Cub with its four-stroke engine... Read more about Triumph T20 Tiger Cub »

1966 Triumph Tiger 90 350cc

This Tiger 90 is supplied with four old MOT test certificates, an RF60 green registration book and a V5 registration document. We understand that... Read more about Triumph Tiger 90 350cc »

1999 Volvo V70 XT Estate

First appearing in 1997, the V70 was the Estate version of Volvo’s S70. The new generation of models had a more rounded, softer styling than... Read more about Volvo V70 XT Estate »

1978 Yamaha XS250

The Yamaha Corporation was formed in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha. After World War II, the company diversified from producing pianos and reed organs by... Read more about Yamaha XS250 »

1998 Yamaha Serow Trail XT225

This motorcycle is supplied with three old MOT test certificates, a V5 document and a V5C registration certificate. We understand that it was last... Read more about Yamaha Serow Trail XT225 »