Automobilia and memorabilia lots for auction


Automobilia and Memorabilia for 20 MAY 2021



A quantity of tools: Britool spanners, a 24” Record Stilson, an 18” Diamond Stilson, a ratchet lifting puller, various spanners and others

£25 - 35



Six grease guns of different types: a vintage brass Tecalemit with flexible spout, and others

£30 - 40



A selection of large sockets, a Pickavant valve lifter, numbered JWP 289, and a Sykes-Pickavant computer saver

£30 - 40



A 1967 British Seagull outboard motor, numbered FP 575 F9, recommissioning recommended

£25 - 50



A Blue-Point mini right angle Die Grinder, part number AT109; a Kent Progun, part number 34727: a Kent plastic stapler, part number 860036; a Kent plastic welding kit, part number 85120 34. All in used condition.

£75 - 100



Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, 1986 editions: Y1, Y8 special code 3 Norfolk Range Certificate no. 012, Y25 (with gold handbrake lever) and another, and Y27 (x two), all in original boxes

£25 - 35



Three vintage Lake and Elliot car jacks

£15 - 20



Eleven motorcycle starter motors (of unknown make and models), and three other types, together with a BMW 12v starter motor (model number 1 459 007, part number 028000-8990) and another BMW-Denso 12v starter motor (numbered 12.41-2-305 040, part number 428000-2040), together with A selection of gaskets and a roll of 1.5mm cork gasket material

£40 - 50



An MT motorcycle full face helmet, model Thunder 3 SV, size L, new-old stock

£40 - 50



An OSX leather motorcycle leather motorcycle jacket, size XL, new-old stock

£50 - 80



A pair of 1950s Slazenger police motorcycle gauntlets

£15 - 25



‘ASTON Martin - The Official Magazine’, issues 1 to 6 inclusive; Aston Martin ‘The Collection’ brochures and calendars 2007/8; a CD ‘Preserving the Legacy’; Octane issue 29, featuring Aston Martin DB4; a first edition Morgan 3-Wheeler sales brochure. All in mint condition

£30 - 50



‘Aston  - The Journal of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust’, issue: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, all in mint condition

£40 - 60



‘Vantage, An Independent Aston Martin Magazine’, issues 14 - 33 inclusive (minus 27 and 28), all in mint condition

£40 - 60



A pair of Lucas trafficators, model SF36, believed to be in working order

£80 - 90



A British Racing Drivers’ Club Silver Jubilee book  and Autocar Motor Books: “McLaren’s Road Car F1”, “Ferrari”; “The Ten Greatest Road Tests”; “100 Grand Prix Greats” and others (12)

£25 - 35



Unipart calendars: 1983, ’86, ’88, ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’94 and ’95, all by Patrick Lichfield apart from 1987 by David Bailey

£100 - 120



A large quantity of various calendars

£20 - 40



A vintage 12 volt Bosch horn, numbered UIIa12

£100 - 120



A Royal East African Automobile Association badge, numbered L4048; a Bentley Driver’s Club badge (well used); a 1970s RAC badge’ three 1960s AA badges; a 1960s AA motorcycle badge; a Southsea Motor Club badge

£80 - 90



A wood rimmed and alloy steering wheel

£70 - 90



A Corgi Major Toys Ecurie Ecosse racing car transporter with three racing cars: a Vanwall, a BRM and a Lotus Mk II Le Mans. All in good condition without box

£110 - 150



A Corgi 1:43 scale model of a Bentley Continental Sports Saloon, numbered 224, in play-worn condition without a box, and a Dinky Toys 1:43 scale model of a Rolls-Royce Phantom V, numbered 198, in play-worn condition and without a box

£20 - 30



‘The Age of the Traction Engine’ by Robert Whitehead, first edition 1970; a Giant Model Books publication detailing how to build a model Showman’s Traction Engine; a Corgi boxed 1:120 scale die-cast model of a ‘Rail Legends’ LNER 4-6-2 A4 Class Silver Link 2509; a Teamsters boxed 1:55 scale Locomotive (with illumination and sound); a Hornby O-Gauge Type 51 50153 Tank Locomotive with tender, finished in Brunswick Green with red coachlines, plus two carriages, in working order and with original key

£120 - 140



A Matchbox Series 41 Collector’s Case containing mainly Matchbox models of various ages and types in play-worn or damaged condition and without boxes, together with die-cast models: Rio Mercedes-Benz 190SL, Brumm Blue Train Bentley, Onyx 148 Castrol Lotus 107 Johnny Herbert, Minichamps Jordan Peugeot 197 R Schumacher, Corgi 97345 Morris Minor Convertible, fifteen Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, and others

£75 - 100



A Cord approved accessories brochure for 1937, and ‘The Lloyd 350’ sales brochure also for 1937, together with a 1952 Jowett Javelin 1 1/2 Litre sales brochure, a Standard - Triumph ‘All that’s Best in Britain’ sales brochure, and a Bonhams 2004 Goodwood Milligan Collection brochure

£25 - 45



Five 1950s motor sport black and white 10” x 8” photographs: the first is of motorcycle world champions Geoff Duke and Bill Lomas on the Isle of Man, taken by Klemantaski; the second is of Horace Gould in his Maserati 250F in a paddock scene, also taken by Klemantaski; the third features Tony Brooks with the winner’s laurels, taken for Associated Press Ltd; the final two images are of Dennis Poore and Stirling Moss. All images were from the Avon Tyres marketing department

£40 - 50



Four 2015 Mini Cooper S winter wheels (with 195/60-R16 tyres)

£100 - 120



Three Vanguard 1:43 scale models: a Ford Anglia Saloon and two Morris Minor vans (for Ovaltine and Automobile Association), together with a Corgi 1:43 scale Morris Minor Traveller, two Dinky 1:43 scale models of the Ford Thames E83W 10 cwt van, and a set of three Days Gone Lledo commercial models. All in original boxes

£35 - 45



A collection of Dinky, and other makes of model army vehicles, all in play-worn and/or damaged condition

£45 - 55



Matchbox Models of Yesteryear: 1983 editions: Y1, Y3 - Y6 inclusive, Y8, Y10, Y12, Y13 - 16 inclusive, and Y18 - Y25 inclusive, and 1988 editions: Y6, Y12, Y13, Y15, Y19 and Y29. All in original boxes. (26)

£40 - 50



Matchbox Models of Yesteryear: 1985 editions: Y1 - Y8 inclusive, Y12, Y13, Y15, Y20 and Y21, 1976 editions: Y1 - Y17 inclusive, and 1988 editions: YY1- YY5 inclusive, YY7 - YY11 inclusive, YY13 - YY20 inclusive, YY22 - YY24 inclusive, and YY26 - YY28 inclusive. All in original boxes. (54)

£100 - 120



Matchbox Models of Yesteryear:  1979 / 1980 editions: Y1 - Y4 inclusive, two x Y5, Y6 - Y11 inclusive, Y12/3, Y12/4, and Y13 - Y18 inclusive, 1984 editions: Y5 special code 3 Norfolk Range Certificate no. 076; Y13 Certificate no. 048; Y27 Certificate no. 090; Y18 collectors’ model limited edition 18/ 150; Y27 Abbey Hill Steam Rally; Y27 Leeds and District Traction Engine Club certificate no. 89; Y27 Whitbread limited edition 400/500; Y27 Brooklands Miniatures numbers 165, 170, 291 and Y22, and 1986 editions: Y1, Y12, Y25, Y27, Y29 and two x Y30, together with Y27 - The Great Dorset Steam Fair limited edition 27/550, and a limited edition gift set of three models. All in original boxes. (40)

£100 - 120



Matchbox Models of Yesteryear: 1984 editions: Y1, Y3 – Y6 inclusive, Y8, Y12 (x two), Y13, Y14 (x two), Y15, Y16, Y18 – Y20 inclusive, Y21 (x two), Y22 (x two), and Y23 – Y28 inclusive, and 1984 editions: Y1, Y3 (x three), Y5 (x two), Y12 (x five), Y14, Y15, Y18 (x three), Y21 (x three), Y22 (x six), Y25 (x three), Y26 (x two), Y27 (x five), and Y28 (x two). All in original boxes. (63)

£100 - 120



Matchbox Models of Yesteryear special limited editions: YS9 1936 Leyland Cub fire engine FK-7; Y9 1920 Leyland three ton Subsidy Lorry; Y10 1931 A&E Trolley bus ‘Diddler’. Also, Models of Yesteryear: Y1 (x two), Y4, Y5 (x three), Y6, Y7, Y8 (x two), Y12 and Y29, a Lledo promotional model FOR the Swanage Railway, together with Matchbox Models of Yesteryear: 1981/82 editions: Y3 (x four), Y4, Y5 (x thirteen), Y6, Y12 (x seventeen), Y13, Y21 (x two), Y22, Y25 and four Y12/45 Models of Yesteryear twenty-fifth anniversary models. All in original boxes. (61)

£120 - 140



Corgi Classics 1:50 scale models: a selection of eleven Bedford Type OB coaches, all in original boxes

£40 - 60



A Finnegans of New Bond Street, London, vintage leather trunk with nickel fittings, leather handles, a fully lined interior and complete with original keys. Period labels attached: Ostende and Douvres - Dover. Dimensions: 15” x 31” x 18” (at base). Provenance: The vendor’s grandfather produced the Bell motor car in the UK in the 1920s and this trunk was removed from a Bell

£100 - 150



Austin 7 parts: four brake drums and two back plates, two flywheels, two clutch plates, two four speed gearboxes, a quantity of hub components and others

£50 - 80



A selection of petrol pumps and repair kits, unions, gaskets and fittings, Mole grips and clamps, valve compressors, a Butbro Orbit OXY/acetylene welding and cutting set, and Austin 10 and 12 steering joints, hub seals, valves, brake linings etc…

£60 - 90



Wilmot-Breeden car window mechanism parts and door lock parts

£40 - 50



A Snap-On puller set, gasket punch sets, a gasket punch, a pipe flaring kit, engineer’s blocks, a Blackhawk panel clamp kit, number 97451, grease guns, assorted gaskets, a new-old stock petrol tank sender unit, valve springs, brake linings, an Austin 7 Ruby luggage rack and others

£80 - 100



Six axle stands

£30 - 50



More coming soon!