Sale results for 20 March 2014

1964 Ariel 250cc Arrow

From 1959 until ’64, Ariel produced the Arrow as a pared-down version of the iconic Leader, designed by Val Page and Bernard Knight. The... Read more about Ariel 250cc Arrow »

1969 Austin Mini Cooper 1000 Mk II

Mini ownership has given great joy to many since first appearing in 1957. Frugal yet nippy and with bags of character, the Mini has appealed to... Read more about Austin Mini Cooper 1000 Mk II »

1950 Bentley Mk VI Sports Saloon

Britain in the fifties was shaking itself free of post-war shortages, rationing and general malaise. In Crewe, the Bentley factory was responding... Read more about Bentley Mk VI Sports Saloon »

1968 BSA Bantam 175cc

The Birmingham Small Arms Company was established in 1860 by a group of gunsmiths who produced military and sporting firearms. In 1880, the... Read more about BSA Bantam 175cc »

1980 Citroen Lomax

We, the motoring public, are generally pretty grateful to Andre Citroen for providing us with the 2CV. From its comical, corrugated iron shaped... Read more about Citroen Lomax »

1989 Jaguar Sovereign V12 Auto

The Jaguar name evokes both sporting triumphs in post-war racing and rallying circles but is also highly respected in terms of providing high... Read more about Jaguar Sovereign V12 Auto »

1934 Lanchester L10 Doctor's Drophead Coupe by Martin Walter

Lanchester were producing motor cars at the turn of the twentieth century and their products were known for their quality and excellent... Read more about Lanchester L10 Doctor's Drophead Coupe by Martin Walter »

1991 Lotus Elan SE Turbo

Lotus have been building sports and racing cars since Colin Chapman produced his first Austin Seven based special in 1949. Some wonderful cars... Read more about Lotus Elan SE Turbo »

1993 Mercedes-Benz 220CE Sport

Thought to be the last of the ‘well built’ Mercedes, this particular Coupe is described by the Vendor as being in outstanding... Read more about Mercedes-Benz 220CE Sport »

1970 MG B Roadster

Introduced by the Abingdon Works in 1962, the MGB took over from its fore runner, the MGA, as the entirely new unit construction sports two seater... Read more about MG B Roadster »

1976 MG Midget 1500

The MG marque, founded by Cecil Kimber in the late 1920s whilst in charge of Morris Garages, has long provided entertaining motoring for the... Read more about MG Midget 1500 »

1969 Morris Minor 1000 Convertible

Alec Issigonis’s design for a simple means of family transport arrived in 1949 in the shape of the MM series Morris Minor, boasting integral... Read more about Morris Minor 1000 Convertible »

1964 Rover P4 110 Saloon

The P4 Rover first appeared in the late 1940’s as the Cyclops, featuring a central spotlight in the radiator grill. Affectionately known as... Read more about Rover P4 110 Saloon »

1950 Rover P4 75 'Cyclops' Saloon

The Rover P4 series of motor cars, with their relatively quiet engines, softly sprung suspension, and interiors reminiscent of a gentleman’s... Read more about Rover P4 75 'Cyclops' Saloon »

1934 Studebaker Dictator Six De Luxe

The Studebaker Dictator was an evolution of the 1924 Standard Six, which in turn had succeeded the 1918 Light Six. The Dictator arrived in... Read more about Studebaker Dictator Six De Luxe »

1972 Triumph 2000 Mk II - 2.5 Pi Saloon

The Triumph 2000 range was introduced in 1964 with a 90hp, 2 litre, six cylinder engine, driving through a manual gearbox with optional overdrive,... Read more about Triumph 2000 Mk II - 2.5 Pi Saloon »

2000 Vauxhall Omega Elite

From 1986 until 2003, Opel produced the Omega, two generations of executive motor car that was available in saloon and estate form. In the UK, the... Read more about Vauxhall Omega Elite »

1957 Velocette LE Mk II

From 1948 until 1970, Velocette produced the ‘LE’, a light engined motorcycle that was intended to meet the need in post-war Britain... Read more about Velocette LE Mk II »

1987 Volkswagen Golf Karmann Ghia 1.6 Cabriolet Auto

As the world’s second best selling model, the Volkswagen Golf has achieved something of a cult status. It was initially conceived as a front... Read more about Volkswagen Golf Karmann Ghia 1.6 Cabriolet Auto »