1980 Citroen Lomax

Make: Citroen
Model: Lomax
Year: 1980
Registration Number: OKV 431V
Chassis Number: AYCB0070CB0729
Engine Number: 0480021348
Transmission: Manual
Steering: Right Hand Drive
Mileage: 2175
Sold For: £1925

Lot No: 180

We, the motoring public, are generally pretty grateful to Andre Citroen for providing us with the 2CV. From its comical, corrugated iron shaped bonnet to its strange torsion bar suspension and diminutive twin cylinder air cooled engine, this was a different sort of motoring experience. Clearly lightweight tin ware could not be expected to last forever and we are now mightily obliged to Lomax for reclothing our beloved 2CV as a sporting two seater with cigar shaped glass fibre body and cycle mudguards.

The Lomax was available in three or four wheeleed form. The former is exciting to say the least, with albeit brilliant handling and sufficient performance to maintain an adequate adrenalin upsurge. For those of a slightly saner state of mind, the four wheeled version might be less alarming, particularly for any passenger, who may have a stake in the vehicle. However it still could see 70mph and appear to go around corners in a manageable fashion. Petrol consumption from the 602cc engine could reach 50mpg. Altogether then, a terrific amount of sheer fun for the pound.

This little two seater is finished in blue with black trim. The aforesaid 602cc air cooled twin drives through a four speed manual gearbox and we are told that all is as it should be. This particular example is blessed with weather equipment, comprising a hood, side screens and tonneau all in mostly good condition, and a wood rimmed steering wheel has been fitted.

The vehicle is offered with V5C registration certificate and is currently under a SORN declaration. Now you should be reaching for that leather flying helmet and goggles.