1972 Triumph 2000 Mk II - 2.5 Pi Saloon

Make: Triumph
Model: 2000 Mk II - 2.5 Pi Saloon
Year: 1972
Registration Number: TKY 666K
Chassis Number: ME42798 DLBW
Engine Number: MG 632HE
Transmission: Manual
Steering: Right Hand Drive
MOT Test Expiry: 5 December 2014
Mileage: 63000
Sold For: £4290

Lot No: 200

The Triumph 2000 range was introduced in 1964 with a 90hp, 2 litre, six cylinder engine, driving through a manual gearbox with optional overdrive, or an automatic. By 1972 there was a more powerful 2.5 litre model offered with fuel injection and greatly enhanced performance.

Interestingly, this car started life as a standard 2 litre saloon, but was acquired by the previous owner, a devotee of the Triumph cars, after much searching, as he needed the best possible body to provide a base for his creation. Thus he set about transplanting a 2.5 litre power plant with fuel injection and all the attendant parts in exacting and precise detail. A large file accompanies the car, detailing the history, with many invoices for work carried out, old MOT certificates, the original passport to service, wiring diagrams and DVLA correspondence.

The Sapphire Blue bodywork is therefore described as very good; likewise floor and underside. It is thought to have had some modest amount of paintwork, which is otherwise described as good with some age related marks. The blue cloth interior is said to be very good as are carpets and headlining. Instrumentation is always a joy in these cars and we are told that all are present and working. The alloy wheels are well shod and all glass and seals apparently intact. Mechanically the vendor states that the engine is excellent with quiet gearbox and responsive overdrive. Likewise all is said to be well with cooling system, wiring and exhaust.

The motor car will be offered with V5C registration certificate and the aforementioned large history file.

A classic which will give much enjoyment, particularly with its uprated 2.5 litre performance. Don’t dawdle in the fast lane if this is coming up behind!