1968 Triumph Herald 13/60 Estate

Make: Triumph
Model: Herald 13/60 Estate
Year: 1968
Registration Number: LNF 867G
Chassis Number: GE30261SC
Engine Number: GE33056HE
MOT Test Expiry: Exempt

The Herald Estate can be classed as a useful classic and thus a purchase may be justified where such justification is necessary. With four seat accommodation plus room for dog/luggage and a strong 1296cc engine pulling it all, it does on paper have the edge on the Morris Traveller. Unlike the Morris it is built on a separate chassis and with the forward hinging bonnet and front wing assembly, one has a remarkable access to the engine and front suspension for ease of maintenance. Heralds are easy to drive and that remarkable turning circle has never left them.

Here we have an example in two tone blue, not to original factory specification to be fair, but it makes for a good colour combination with the pleasant blue interior, a wood dash and good all-round vision.

Before the paintwork becomes an issue, it is worth noting what work has been carried out: the chassis has been rebuilt with new members and outriggers and the underside has received attention and Waxoyl applied. The wheel arches, inner and outer, have also had work, and new door seals have been fitted, including to the tailgate (which incidentally would benefit from a new lock). A new petrol pump and fan belt have been installed, plus the carburettor has new seals and rubbers. The braking system has been overhauled, with the fitting of new pipes, discs, master cylinder, pads and shoes. The Herald has a new alternator, wiring loom, ignition coil and propshaft yokes. The petrol tank has been cleaned and sealed, and the engine and gearbox serviced. The front seats and the dashboard top are replacements, and the carpets and headlamps are new.

The Herald Estate comes with a V5C registration certificate and a list on file of the work carried out and parts used. Certainly then, a case of not judging a book by its cover, and the reserve price would seem to leave room for further improvement to the paint.