1926 Renault OS Estate Bus

Make: Renault
Model: OS Estate Bus
Year: 1926
Registration Number: SV 9719
Chassis Number: 251996
Engine Number: PF9774
Transmission: Manual
Steering: Left Hand Drive
MOT Test Expiry: Exempt
Sold For: £7700
Road Tax Exempt

The French have always had a knack of producing classic style, either downright beautiful, such as Citroen’s DS and SMs or in the case of the 2CV, Dyane and the H Van, striking but perhaps more of an acquired taste. Renault followed with its Floride, Dauphine and Fours and others such as Matra and Alpine provided very special and interesting sporting designs.

Our Gentle Giant on offer here may never be beautiful in everyone’s eyes, although painstakingly restored maybe thirty years ago by a Wiltshire Renault Guru, it remains a basic, solid utility vehicle with captivating simplicity and charm. One clambers aboard and sits on an albeit cushioned bench seat, staring at sparse instrumentation and vague controls, whilst clutching a largish slice of tree, with which one suggests a direction of travel. Big pedals, a mighty gear lever and a sense of indestructability are included, whilst to the enormous rear are two sets of sideways facing cushioned bench seats and a cunning drop down tailgate, which allows the ingress of goods or a sizable cow. All this is covered by a vast folding hood.

Underneath the stylish coal scuttle bonnet is a four cylinder engine of some 2 litres which is remarkably easy to start and chunters away in a reassuring manner, quite fun to just watch. Being French, someone put the water cooled radiator to the rear of the engine, but otherwise everything is readily identifiable and easy to reach. Driving the motor car is simple and after a bit, quite enjoyable as one wafts along at a giddy 35mph with most of a cricket team in the back or perhaps a small flock of sheep.

The Renault has spent some time as a hotel bus in Romania, collecting and delivering visitors to and from the local railway station. Upon returning to this country in 2007, the Renault was offered for sale at one of our specialist auction sales in glorious Dorset, where her new owner was to be a local collector of French automobiles, who would surely appreciate her Gallic charms and give her a good home. During this custodianship, the aforesaid new hood was fitted, the petrol tank professionally restored and a recent new battery installed.

A few years on, the collection is being reduced and the OS is back in all her beautiful obscureness, still running well and still as wonderfully nonsensical as ever. History includes the V5C registration certificate, restoration images, correspondence, a photocopy maintenance book, MOT test certificates, starting and driving instructions and others.

Feel the continental love and empty your wallet, it’s your turn to enjoy a completely whimsical indulgence, perfect for escaping to a chateau and which will forever maintain a special place in your affections.