c1938 Raven 16' Dominion Touring Caravan

Make: Raven
Model: 16' Dominion Touring Caravan
Year: c1938
Sold For: £6270

Lot No: 230

The current custodian purchased this c1938 16 foot Caravan in 1994, with a view to restoring and taking to local shows. For various reasons, the Caravan was stored for thirteen years and in 2007, a thorough and lavish, but leisurely restoration commenced. It is understood that at some point in the Caravan’s history, it was clad in aluminium rather than the original hardboard, making it difficult to identify the manufacturer. However, after extensive research, we have decided that it is almost certainly a Raven Dominion.

On removing the cladding, the vendor discovered that the rot was more severe than first realised. A new strong A-frame was constructed as the original seemed to be insubstantial. The front and rear sections of the ‘Lantern’ roof were replaced and all the timber was treated for woodworm. New panelling was fitted where necessary, retaining as much of the original as possible. The window rubbers were replaced and the roof vents were reinstated to the original windows.  The outside has been finished in at least five coats of coach paint and the underside treated with a mixture of Waxoyl and wood preservative.

The braking system has been overhauled with new brake shoes and wheel bearings fitted. It sits on new tyres, with a new spare.

We believe the interior to be original; all cupboards have been stripped and re-glued etc…, and a new pull-out double bed made. The pretty interior gas lamps have been ingeniously converted to 12volt electric and the Caravan is equipped with a two burner Calor Gas cooker and grille, as well as a sink and the two cupboards. A detachable tail lamp lighting board for the rear is supplied.

Numerous other jobs were carried out and should the new custodian wish to view images of the rebuild, we can direct them to an online album. The Raven Dominion is superbly restored and a credit to its owner.

Auction Date: 15 October 2015