1967 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller

Make: Morris
Model: Minor 1000 Traveller
Year: 1967
Registration Number: GJT 766E
Chassis Number: M/AW5 D 1177783
Engine Number: 10M A-U-H 251170
MOT Test Expiry: 27 March 2015
Sold For: £1050

Lot No: 282

As soon as a Morris Minor Traveller burbles by, packed full with its happy occupants including dogs and family impedimenta, it leaves one with a nostalgic feeling that all is well with the world. The legacy of the wonderful Minor will probably outlive many of its modern counterparts, probably due to its total lack of anything complicated in its makeup. Few cars of this age are quite so cheap to run and enjoyably easy to drive, and each one certainly deserves a place on our busy twenty-first century roads.

The big question must be: does one purchase this road legal, MOT’d and taxed Traveller to use as a classic, useful runabout, or does one buy to restore to concours condition? Your correspondent, a faithful Morris Minor fan, would favour the former, not least because GJT 766E has been a family favourite for thirty-five years; members of the current custodian’s clan have learnt to drive on the Traveller, and recently it was used in its present condition (with glass fibre wing panels) by the owner’s daughter as her bridal carriage, in preference to a more traditional Rolls-Royce.

So there you have it: this honest, hard-working Minor Traveller is looking for a new loving home for at least the next thirty-five years, and is supplied with plenty of old MOT test certificates, sundry invoices, the V5C registration certificate and various original Morris publications. The road tax classification for this motor car is 'historic'.