One owner, 2000 miles

2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Make: Morgan
Model: 3 Wheeler
Year: 2014
Registration Number: VO14 UXE
Chassis Number: SA9M3WV2EEP202139
Engine Number: P5600570
Transmission: Manual
Steering: Right Hand Drive
Colour: Sport Grey
MOT Test Expiry: N/A
Mileage: 2000
Sold For: £24200

Morgan 3-wheelers have been manufactured in various forms from the company’s inception in 1910 right, through until 1952. The original design incorporated a simple tubular chassis, with patented independent sliding pillar front suspension, and with the rear driving wheel pivoted off the gearbox and suspended on two quarter elliptic leaf springs. With their lightweight construction and relatively powerful motorcycle engines, most notably Matchless and JAP, performance was usually brisk indeed, and led to many successes in trials, hill climbs and circuit races.

In 2010, Morgan announced the return of their iconic motor car and a Three-Wheeler fit for the twenty-first century arrived, based on the American Liberty Ace Cyclecar designed by Pete Larsen. Those early new generation models were considered by some to be rushed and it was not until 2013 that the Three Wheeler had correctly evolved into a fast, exciting and well-appointed sporting car. Equipped with a 1983cc ‘V-twin’ fuel injected engine and a Mazda 5 speed gearbox, the Morgan could achieve a top speed of 115mph and 0-62mph in six seconds.

VO14 UXE left the Morgan factory in March 2014. It is equipped with a number of factory upgrades, including a revised chassis, bevel box mounting and steering, the ‘comfort pack’, and most importantly, a revised centre drive unit tough enough to withstand the torque from the S&S V-Twin two litre engine.

As ordered by its current and only custodian, the Morgan was built with heated seats, an immobiliser and a full photographic record (included in the history file). It has since been equipped with a leather and alloy Momo steering wheel and triple-eared spinners for the front wheels. Recently, the Morgan factory fitted a replacement ECU and the latest improved fuel maps, supplied by S&S.

The Tricycle has covered approximately 2000 miles and remains in as new condition, clearly having been well-cared for by its enthusiast motorcycle-collector custodian.

The file contains the aforementioned leather-bound photographic build record and ticket in its original box, together with ‘The Morgan Three Wheeler – Back to the Future’ by Peter Dron (with VO14 UXE featured), an owner’s handbook, factory documentation, a first service invoice, a sales brochure, magazine articles, a service manual and the V5C registration certificate. Also supplied is an S&S oil filter, one litre of 80/140 synthetic bevel box oil, a wheel spinner mallet and a tonneau cover.

An excellent opportunity to purchase a ‘sorted’ Morgan Three Wheeler that offers excellent value for money and without the six month wait… It could be said that driving the Trike is the closest one can get to flying without wings!