1917 Ford Model T 2.9 Speedster

Make: Ford
Model: Model T 2.9 Speedster
Year: 1917
Registration Number: DS 8631
Engine Number: 1160799
Steering: Left Hand Drive
MOT Test Expiry: Exempt
Sold For: £13475

Auction Date: 19 September 2013
Lot No: 226

The Ford Model T, well known as the world’s first true mass production motor car, was manufactured between 1909 and 1927. By challenging the previous concept that automobiles were hand built for the wealthy, and implementing a business model where costs and profit margins were cut in order to increase sales, Henry Ford achieved phenomenal success with the Model T and by 1914 was producing over 300,000 cars per year which was more than all of the other automobile manufacturers combined. By 1920, over half of all motor cars in the US were Model T Fords, and in all over 15 million units were produced at plants in Detroit USA, Trafford Park, Manchester, Canada and elsewhere.

Over the total period of production, the basic design changed very little. The engine was a four cylinder in-line unit of 2,900 cc producing around 20 bhp. This was coupled to an epicyclic transmission with two speeds plus reverse which was operated by three foot pedals and a floor mounted lever. The throttle was controlled by a lever on the steering column, and braking was via a transmission brake operated by the right hand pedal, with the gear lever also acting as a parking brake. Top speed was around 40 - 45 miles per hour. Early models were mainly open tourers with brass radiators and acetylene lighting, while later on saloons, coupes and trucks were progressively introduced with steel radiators and electric lighting. From the beginning, the Model T was adapted for all kinds of use, many being used on farms as tractors or to power other machinery. Others were used as the basis for specials and later on formed the basis for many hot rods. The use of vanadium steel in its construction has ensured that many Model T Fords still survive, and they are well catered for by a number of clubs both here and in the US.

This motor car is a 1917 example which has been re-bodied in the style of a two seat speedster. It has a copper plated radiator surround, Rushmore lighting and many brass fitments that were typical of the early cars, together with copper plated 'bun' style side lamps. The vendor describes the bodywork and upholstery to be very good, and all mechanical equipment in good working order. We are informed that this Speedster has been timed to 55 miles-per-hour. The motor car is used frequently for rallies and just for fun.

The vehicle comes with a V5C registration document, a US Certificate of Title, road fund license and recent MOT certificates, although it is now of course MOT and road tax exempt.

Please note: DS 8631 has an electric starter and the electrics are 12 volt.