Garage Find

1980 Fiat 124 CS1 Sport Spyder

Make: Fiat
Model: 124 CS1 Sport Spyder
Year: 1980
Registration Number: RAF 933
Chassis Number: 124CS20163224
Engine Number: 124CS20163224
Transmission: Manual
Steering: Left Hand Drive
MOT Test Expiry: Exempt
Sold For: £3740

Lot No: 224

Italian cars it must be said, have a certain charisma which imbues flamboyance and passion which can be quite unsettling when trying to live subsequently with a vehicle from another country.  Ferrari and Maserati are true aficionados of the true sporting Grand Touring cars and close behind come Lancia and Fiat. The Fiat 124 built from 1966 to 1985 is an example of this Italian automotive addictiveness. From the high revving twin cam engine to the finely tuned suspension, this car yearns for twisting mountain passes where that special exhaust note can be best appreciated. Style too is abundant from the various Carrozzarias and Pininfarina’s monocoque, front engine, rear-drive coupes and Spyders will have left a spell on those that have owned one of these fine Fiats.

Here an opportunity arises to acquire a late model 124 Pininfarina Fiat in garage find condition with manual specification and in red livery with a cream leather interior. We are told that it underwent some sort of restoration in the late nineties, retaining as much originality as possible. However, it has remained in storage now for approximately a decade and will require a fresh recommissioning to restore it to its former glory. The body appears to be solid, the paintwork may improve with elbow grease and time, and the interior remains generally in good order, although the back seat is missing. No attempt has been made to start or run the Fiat for some years so we cannot verify its mechanical condition but it was considered to be in good order before being stored.

Unfortunately the history has been mislaid, including the V5C registration certificate.

Auction Date: 23 November 2023