1955 Ferguson TED 20

Make: Ferguson
Model: TED 20
Year: 1955
Registration Number: 312 XVS
Chassis Number: TED418128
Engine Number: S223335EMH
Sold For: £3960

Lot No: 212

From school playing fields, small farms and market gardens and even to domestic homes with paddocks, one will have come across the little grey Fergie beavering away at mowing, ploughing or using a range of accessories made available to ease the tasks in hand. Designed by Harry Ferguson, it was produced in the UK from 1946 to 1956, although Ferguson tractors were available long before, thanks to an agreement with Henry Ford to produce them in Detroit and import thousands to help in the war effort.  The small size made for an extremely versatile agricultural vehicle and the TE20 featured the Ferguson invention of the hydraulic three-point hitch system, which revolutionised the automatic coupling of farm implements and became a global standard for tractors in general. The mighty draft horse could rest at last. Many grey Fergies are still in use and collectors enthusiastically restore them for shows and indeed to use them where possible.

The Standard Motor Company  actually built the UK version, known as the TE20, using their new wet-liner engine as found in the Standard Vanguard. As the 3 point coupling system was so new, many small firms developed implements to compliment it, so there was a large amount of relevant equipment in circulation to cover various tasks and of course the power take-off device allowed the little tractor to perform even more jobs without the need for additional machines. Training schemes were set up for farmers to learn correct techniques for operating effectively. Although the 1850cc Standard petrol engine was initially offered, there followed in 1949 a 2088cc petrol-paraffin engine, known as the TVO unit and there was a three cylinder Perkins diesel version.

This TED20 was purchased by the motor engineer vendor from a local farmer and fully restored to a high specification, with just a few modifications, for his wife to participate in the many tractor road runs locally in Devonshire. Once completed, it was registered with help from the owner’s club and so now bears an age related number. Unfortunately, after lavishing a considerable sum of money and time on the Fergie, the lady in question decided it was not a mode of transportation suitable for her and so after eighteen months of looking at it parked in shed, its owners have decided that it is time for the tractor to move on and be enjoyed by a new custodian.

We are informed that the restoration carried out included the following work: the engine was removed, stripped and pressure cleaned, and the crankshaft was reground and fitted with new bearings. A vast range of new components were also fitted: pistons and liners; an oil pump; governor springs; valves, springs and valve guides;  a clutch plate, release bearing and reset clutch cover; all gaskets and seals; core plugs;  a water pump and thermostat, and a carburettor. The gearbox has been flushed and cleaned, and a new input seal installed. The backend has also been flushed and cleaned, new hub and PTO seals fitted, the brakes have been overhauled and new wheel bearings have also been fitted. The Ferguson was re-assembled, stripped and re-painted, and we are told that further new replacement components were installed: a radiator and hoses, a fuel tank and tap, an exhaust, a spring and seat spring, front wheels plus studs, nuts, tubes and tyres, front kings pins and bushes, front axle swivel pins and bushes, steering joints and rear wings. The steering box was cleaned, flushed, checked and seals renewed and adjusted. The Ferguson has been converted to 12 volts and has a new wiring loom, battery, regulator, starter motor and dynamo, ignition switch and drive belt. A new distributor with electronic ignition, rotor arm distributor cap, HT leads and coil have also been installed, and the tractor is equipped with new gauges, footplates, toolbox and renewed oils and fluids.

In addition to make more suitable for road use, we understand that the exhaust heat shield has been removed and the carburettor has been jetted for petrol, the hydraulic pump and draft control and rear link arms have also been removed (they were fully functioning beforehand), and turf tyres have been fitted to give a smoother ride (and have no signs of perishing) - they are also slightly oversized and so give a marginally faster top speed. The tractor is also sensibly equipped with front and rear lights, indicators, a flashing beacon and horn, together with an extra seat and foot plates. It is worth noting that the hydraulic pump, draft control and arms are supplied with the Fergie, and the second seat brackets are bolted in place, so all can easily be reinstated if the new owner wishes to put the tractor to work. Also included in the sale is an original workshop manual, printed photographs, a full list of all parts replaced and work completed, and the V5C registration certificate.

The vendor assures us that the overall result is a tractor that starts instantly, is smooth and fast and is a joy to drive with no play in steering. A perfect toy for the summer!

Auction Date: 8 June 2023