Fantic 205cc K-Roo Trials Motorcycle

Make: Fantic
Model: 205cc K-Roo Trials Motorcycle
Registration Number: Unregistered
Frame Number: 16009645
Sold For: £605

Lot No: 200

From 1968, the Italian company Fantic Motor has produced ‘enduro’ motorcycles, mopeds, mini motorcycles and go-karts. The motorcycles first arrived on Britain’s shores in the early Seventies when the UK law preventing sixteen years olds from riding anything over 250cc came into force. It was during the 1980s that Fantic found competition success here, with notable wins in Scotland and Trials World Championships. With spare parts seemingly simple to obtain, these fun, sporting machines are an affordable access to the world of off-road competition.

This example has been in the long term ownership of a Dorset enthusiast. It is very original and very striking in its white with orange livery. The motorcycle has recently been fitted with new alloy wheel rims and new tyres, and also benefits from a new clutch. After a period of storage, the Fantic will probably require a service before returning to the track.

Auction Date: 8 September 2022