1986 Daimler DS 420 Limousine Auto

Make: Daimler
Model: DS 420 Limousine Auto
Year: 1986
Registration Number: D999 GYV
Chassis Number: SA-DDWATL3AC200905
Engine Number: 7M005341L
Commission Number: Body Number: 4M 1918
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right Hand Drive
Colour: Black over Claret
Mileage: 60004
Sold For: £15400

Lot No: 226

This intriguing DS420 was purchased by the current custodian and his late wife as a restoration project from a friend in 2011. The couple, the proud owners of a not-insubstantial motor car, quickly realised that their Daimler was not the usual, run-of-the-mill Limousine; amongst other things, the motor car was longer than its standard counterparts, it had integral blue lights in the front grille and another mounted on the roof, and a two-way radio. After it was discovered that the Daimler had not undergone any MOT testing until 2006 at the mileage of 59,979, the couple decided to uncover the undocumented history of the motor car themselves. After a great deal of sleuthing which culminated in the contacting of the Jaguar Heritage Archive by email, the couple discovered that the DS420, with the chassis number ending 200905, and with the original registration number of NLT 2, was part of Her Royal Highness, The Queen Mother’s fleet of limousines from 1986. 200905 is documented in the book ‘Daimler Days’ by Brian Smith as being used by Her Royal Highness. It is understood that in 1991, unusually for a Royal motor car, 200905 was passed to the Mayor of the London Borough of Richmond, at which point it was resprayed in black, and then it eventually found its way to the open market. This isn’t entirely unprecedented; we understand that other Jaguar motor cars belonging to the Royal Family have ended up in public ownership, as opposed to being returned to and remaining at the Jaguar Heritage Trust, but it is certainly not the usual procedure.

The Daimler has undergone a restoration since the vendor’s wife very sadly passed away and it has been returned to its correct livery of black over claret, with a smart cloth interior to the rear that boasts occasional seats and the glass division between the rear and driver compartments. Mechanically we understand it to be in good working order, but because the motor car has had very limited use in recent years, it will require a recommissioning service prior to use by its new owner. We understand that recent work has included the fitting of new rear brake calliper pistons, spark plugs, an oil filter and an oil change, all in the early spring of this year.

This year, in time for the Platinum Jubilee, the Daimler has featured in the press, both locally to the vendor in mid Wales, and nationally too, and these articles are easy to find on the internet. The motor car was also featured on a local BBC Wales television programme.

The history file contains the original Daimler Limousine handbooks in the original wallet, another Daimler Limousine handbook, spare parts lists, copy photographs, Daimler and Lanchester Owners’ Club information and a 2011 magazine, DVLA correspondence, MOT test history, invoices from 2011 and more recently, Jaguar Cars Ltd ‘vehicle details enquiry’ documents, detailed history on Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother’s Daimler cars and a list of Daimlers belonging to the Royal Family, together with a Jaguar Heritage Certificate, obtained in 2011, stating that the Daimler was a ‘direct sale’ from Jaguar Cars Ltd, with a dispatch date of 20 November 1986, and the aforementioned detailed email correspondence between the current custodian and the Jaguar Heritage Archive regarding D999 GYV.

As auctioneers, we obviously have a duty to our clients to describe vehicles truthfully and to the best of our ability. In this instance, we cannot absolutely guarantee that 200905 was used by HRH The Queen Mother, but we do feel that the correct history of this motor car is confirmed by the contact made by the vendor to the Jaguar Heritage Archive, as documented in the history file. In any event, it would make a superb vehicle for special occasions, or for museum display, or of course for a Royal Family enthusiast!

Auction Date: 8 September 2022