1988 Honda ST50J Dax

Make: Honda
Model: ST50J Dax
Year: 1988
Registration Number: F298 LMJ
Frame Number: AB232003209
Engine Number: AB22E1011876
Mileage: 673
Sold For: £1540

Lot No: 206

 Very much a cult machine of its time and still popular, the Dax arrived in 1969 with its plucky little 4.5bhp engine powering 64kg of machine. Remarkable acceleration was on tap and a dizzy 70kph was achievable if the rider could avoid being ejected backwards in the attempt. A search on Google will provide a mass of sites offering specialists services and spares plus tuning parts. The cool Hi- Line exhaust adds to the very attractive style and a range of bright colours was available, although rather unsurprisingly, we think silver is always best! It’s definitely something to be seen about on.

This 1988 ST50J has had just two owners. The current enthusiast purchased the motorcycle in 1996 and it has led a sheltered existence in the intervening years. With just 673 miles on the odometer, it clearly has had very little use and is in good clean order for its age. A new battery was fitted in October of last year. We are assured by the vendor that the Honda is in good mechanical condition, but it has been drained of fuel for storage. The cosmetic appearance could be improved by a day’s worth of polishing.

The V5C registration certificate is supplied with the Honda, and an invoice for the aforementioned battery.

Auction Date: 8 September 2022