c.1972 Benelli 250 Twin Racer

Make: Benelli
Model: 250 Twin Racer
Year: c.1972
Registration Number: Unregistered
Guide Price: £1900 - 2400
Sold For: £633

Lot No: 203

Benelli Motorcycles was founded in 1911 in Pesaro by five brothers, Giueseppe, Giovanni, Filippo, Domenico and Antonio (Tonino) Benelli. The latter displayed great skill in the 1920s and early Thirties.

Post War production resumed in 1949 with lightweight bikes known as the Leoncino (Lion Cub) range and these machines were very successful in the 1950s. 

In 1962, Benelli acquired Motobi and their designed continued under the Benelli name.

Racing success included Ted Mellor in 1939 and in 1950, Dario Ambrosini won the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy on a Benelli 250. Later in 1969, Ken Carruthers repeated this success and added the Moto GP Championship. Other noted riders included Mike Hailwood and Jarno Saarinen.

The Japanese motorcycle invasion of the 1960s caused a massive rethink in the industry and in 1973, Benelli and Moto Guzzu were acquired by De Tomaso. 

This particular Benelli comes from a private collection of mainly Italian motorcycles. Where it fits into the above history will require further investigation, but the interesting machine is thought to date from around 1972 and is equipped with a 249cc, two stroke twin engine and a six speed gearbox.

Auction Date: 2 June 2016