c1976 Beamish Suzuki RL-250 Mk 2 Trials Motorcycle

Make: Beamish Suzuki
Model: RL-250 Mk 2 Trials Motorcycle
Year: c1976
Registration Number: Unregistered
Frame Number: RL250 27368
Engine Number: 3-88072
Sold For: £638

Lot No: 261

Based on the Suzuki RL-250 ‘Exacta’ models, the Beamish Suzuki Trials Motorcycle was produced in the 1970s by ex-BSA works rider Graham Beamish. A range of subtle improvements to the original mechanics of the machine were implemented, such as reducing the compression ratio of the engine and increasing the flywheel magneto weight to produce better torque. The first models were extremely popular, prompting further modifications to the frame; the ‘Whitehawk’ frame was designed by Mick Whitlock and was lighter in weight than its predecessor. The 1976 Mk 2 RL-250 implemented further developments and more British-made components, including Girling gas shock absorbers.

This particular Beamish Suzuki has been in the current ownership since 2006; little is known of its history prior to that date. The custodian has stored the machine undercover for much of the last eight years and therefore, it will require recommissioning prior to returning to the muddy track! However, the Mk 2 remains in good, original condition and will certainly offer its new custodian an exciting project.