1964 Austin Mini Countryman

Make: Austin
Model: Mini Countryman
Year: 1964
Registration Number: AFB 702B
Chassis Number: AAW7-544761
Engine Number: 8AM-U-H 719299
Transmission: Manual
Steering: Right Hand Drive
Colour: Almond Green
MOT Test Expiry: Exempt

As the fifties came to a close, a whole new world of motoring was upon us in the form of the Mini. At just £425, the basic motor car changed our lives and, irrespective of the hierarchy of our class society, it found a home with all from Mayfair to Marfleet. The fact that four adults could travel in a seemingly small space in reasonable comfort in a peculiar form of impish style, made this little runabout a must-have for millions and it was such fun in the process.

The years wore on, more power and many modifications were applied to improve the basic vehicle. Then the time came for demand from the family unit for more space for children and other animals with their attendant paraphernalia, potties and the like. Hence the timber clad Mini Traveller and the Mini Countryman arrived.

Here we have a Mini Countryman delivered new in 1964 via Fuller of Bath at an overall cost of £564 12s and 3d. Serving as family transport until 1984, it was then retired into storage until 2014. A full body off restoration was then begun using as many original parts as possible with photographs following the entire operation. It still presents well in correct Almond Green, complimented by excellent chrome and the very good light green trim and carpeting combines nicely with possibly the original headlining, simple instrumentation, original steering wheel and kinked gear lever; the (early model) floor starter button is also present. A hamper is in the luggage area, which also contains spare parts. It all looks quite stunning and even the door shuts are reassuringly correct.

Documentation includes the V5C registration certificate and a huge amount of photos with two hardback files of invoices and information.

Given there may be only eighty-six others, this one must be amongst the best and a must for the serious Mini enthusiast.