Sale results for 9 September 2021

1959 Austin A40 Farina Mk I De-Luxe Saloon

In Exceptional Condition. Sometimes there comes an opportunity to behave quite sanely in the acquisition of a classic car and this is probably one... Read more about Austin A40 Farina Mk I De-Luxe Saloon »

1965 Austin A35 Van

A really useful addition to any household or small business, the A35 van has a definite presence with its distinctive body style and enjoyable... Read more about Austin A35 Van »

1935 Austin 18 Open Road Tourer

LATE ENTRY. From the same Devonshire deceased estate as the Daimler Conquest Saloon, this imposing big Austin may not necessarily require a major... Read more about Austin 18 Open Road Tourer »

2009 Auto Speciali 427 Cobra Recreation

This virtually unique Auto Speciali 427 Cobra Recreation (correctly registered on the V5C) was constructed by an engineer with many years of... Read more about Auto Speciali 427 Cobra Recreation »

1985 BMW 320i Baur Cabriolet

The Stuttgart Karosserie of Baur was formed in 1910 and has been making convertibles for BMW since 1930. The Cabriolet was deemed safer as the... Read more about BMW 320i Baur Cabriolet »

1976 Daimler Sovereign Coupe

This looks like a case of less is more. Following the great success of the Jaguar and Daimler four door XJ Saloons, why would one consider a coupe... Read more about Daimler Sovereign Coupe »

1954 Daimler Conquest Saloon

LATE ENTRY. This restoration project has come from a Devonshire deceased estate. Little is known of the past history of the motor car at this... Read more about Daimler Conquest Saloon »

1962 DOT Demon Scrambler 246cc

To appreciate the significance of this fine entry we need to visit the world of Scrambling and Trials, mostly involving noise, mud and some very... Read more about DOT Demon Scrambler 246cc »

1967 Fiat 850 Coupe

This 850 was not the standard Fiat Coupe at the time, but a special edition by Bertone and wasn’t it pretty? With an 850cc engine in the... Read more about Fiat 850 Coupe »

1928 Ford Model A Sports Coupe

Following the much loved Model T Ford, which had a production run of eighteen years, the Model A was available from 1927. At this time it was... Read more about Ford Model A Sports Coupe »

1965 Gordon-Keeble GK1 Sports Saloon

Number 70 of 100 Produced. Designed and constructed by John Gordon and Jim Keeble, the Gordon-Keeble was produced in very small numbers at the... Read more about Gordon-Keeble GK1 Sports Saloon »

2006 Jaguar S-Type SE Auto Saloon

For those that may have missed the Classic Mk II Jaguars and S-Types of the sixties, it is good to see that this 2006  S- type still retains... Read more about Jaguar S-Type SE Auto Saloon »

1998 Jaguar XJ8 Auto Saloon

The long running XJ 6 saloons paved the way for the marque to become renowned for its very comfortable ride, said to be as good if not better than... Read more about Jaguar XJ8 Auto Saloon »

1972 Land Rover Series III 88" Station Wagon

Now more popular than ever since production ceased, the Land Rover in all shapes and sizes has provoked increasing interest. Tough and dependable,... Read more about Land Rover Series III 88" Station Wagon »

1960 Morris Minor 1000 5cwt Pick-Up

From 1956 until 1971, the Morris Minor was produced in large numbers both in saloon, convertible, estate car and commercially as a van or pickup... Read more about Morris Minor 1000 5cwt Pick-Up »

1936 Morris 10 Saloon

Barn Find Project. The Morris Ten Saloon was announced in September 1932, being a medium sized car designed for the popular 10h.p. market, largely... Read more about Morris 10 Saloon »

2006 Porsche Cayman S

An opportunity to acquire a Porsche designed by Pinky Lai, in the style appreciated by most lovers of the marque, having the flat six engine of... Read more about Porsche Cayman S »

1992 Porsche 944 S2

  Introduced in 1982 following a lukewarm 924 with VW 2 litre engine, the 944 had a genuine Porsche 2.5 litre four cylinder engine with... Read more about Porsche 944 S2 »

1934 Riley 9 Sports Tourer

The Riley brothers brought a lot into the pre-war world of the sporting motorist. Popular amongst their vehicles were the exciting 9hp offerings,... Read more about Riley 9 Sports Tourer »

1956 Riley Pathfinder

Considered to be the last of the true Rileys, the Pathfinder was produced from 1953 to 1957. The all steel body was formed on a separate chassis... Read more about Riley Pathfinder »

2000 Subaru Legacy Outback Estate AWD

There will be those who staunchly refuse to purchase anything which has not been British made so sadly they may be missing life with a... Read more about Subaru Legacy Outback Estate AWD »

1987 Toyota MR2 Mk I

In the current ownership for 28 years. Considered by many to be the best of the MR2s in terms of handling and sheer fun, the Mk I offered exciting... Read more about Toyota MR2 Mk I »

1955 Triumph Tiger 110

First made in the Coventry works in 1953 and produced until 1961, this purposeful looking Triumph was the fastest production motorcycle to date.... Read more about Triumph Tiger 110 »

2006 Triumph Thruxton Bonneville

The most famous of all Triumph motorcycles was the Bonneville, named after the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where several motorcycle companies... Read more about Triumph Thruxton Bonneville »

1999 TVR Griffith 500

Maybe what made Britain Great was the small engineering firms that produced true sports cars, with fantastic styling and ridiculous performance... Read more about TVR Griffith 500 »

1958 Velocette Valiant Veeline

The name Velocette conjures up images of large high speed motorcycles, but they also made smaller ones aimed at the commuter market and these were... Read more about Velocette Valiant Veeline »

1933 Wolseley Hornet Six Light Saloon

Wolseley Hornets were particularly successful in pre-war sporting events and indeed remain so to the present day, giving other marques such as MG,... Read more about Wolseley Hornet Six Light Saloon »