Sale results for 20 May 2021

1935 Austin Ascot Light 12/4 Saloon

Produced in a variety of body styles such as tourer, saloon and van etc, all on a sturdy ladder framed chassis and powered by a rugged 1535cc four... Read more about Austin Ascot Light 12/4 Saloon »

1980 Austin Morris Mini 95 Pick-Up

Launched in January 1961 for Austins and February for Morris badged examples, the Mini Pickup was initially produced in batches of six, then 12... Read more about Austin Morris Mini 95 Pick-Up »

2000 BMW Z3 2.0 Kyalami Individual Roadster

The Z3 was introduced on the 12th of June 1995 to an expectant market that eagerly anticipated BMW’s first ‘mass market’... Read more about BMW Z3 2.0 Kyalami Individual Roadster »

1973 Bristol 411 Mk IV

Bristol was another well -known name in the aeronautical industry which found its production skills focussed on automobiles once WW2 ... Read more about Bristol 411 Mk IV »

1935 BSA B18 250cc De Luxe

The Birmingham Small Arms Company produced a varied selection of motorcycles from 1930 to the seventies, from the humble Bantam, much used by the... Read more about BSA B18 250cc De Luxe »

1978 Dax Tojeiro Jaguar V12 Cobra Replica

Dax Cars was founded in 1968 in Harlow Essex and is best known for producing replicas of the mighty AC 427 Cobra. John Tojeiro was responsible for... Read more about Dax Tojeiro Jaguar V12 Cobra Replica »

1976 Ford Cortina 2000E Saloon

Much beloved by Reps and the outwardly mobile, the Ford Cortina sold strongly from its inception in 1962 until the last one was produced five... Read more about Ford Cortina 2000E Saloon »

1957 Francis-Barnett Falcon 74

From a renowned British Company with long history, a quality lightweight motorcycle powered by a 197cc Villiers engine, more expensive than the... Read more about Francis-Barnett Falcon 74 »

1957 Jaguar XK150 Coupe SE

Restoration project, part restored. Jaguar’s XK line arrived in 1948 with the XK120 and proved to be highly successful for the company.... Read more about Jaguar XK150 Coupe SE »

1994 Jaguar XJS 4.0 Coupe

Two owners only, with rare manual gearbox. Known as the facelift version under the new ownership of the Ford Motor Company, The XJS could still be... Read more about Jaguar XJS 4.0 Coupe »

1959 Jensen 541R

Fitted with a BMW 520 engine and a five speed gearbox. Prior to the start of WW2 Jensen were coachbuilders producing special bodies for Morris,... Read more about Jensen 541R »

1977 Land Rover Series III 88" with Hardtop

The rise in popularity has grown since the end of production of the last of the Defender series. True 4x4 enthusiasts are keen to go on enjoying... Read more about Land Rover Series III 88" with Hardtop »

1929 Levis A2 350cc

Manufactured by Butterfield Brothers of Birmingham from 1911 to 1940, Levis were for some years England’s leading manufacturer of two stroke... Read more about Levis A2 350cc »

1938 Levis A2 350cc

As well as the two stroke machines, Levis also produced a range of four stroke models, boasting a rear magneto and vertical cylinders. During the... Read more about Levis A2 350cc »

1998 Mazda MX-5 with Hardtop

The MX-5 is very successful sporting two seater from Japan, which took the lead in the market at the time due to its reliability, affordability... Read more about Mazda MX-5 with Hardtop »

1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E LE Saloon

LATE ENTRY. LATE ENTRY In the current ownership for twenty four years, the vendor has decided that his ‘cherished baby’ Mercedes... Read more about Mercedes-Benz 190E LE Saloon »

1969 MG Midget Mk III

The MG Midget was introduced in 1961 to follow the very popular Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite as a small two seat sport car. Mechanically it was... Read more about MG Midget Mk III »

1971 MG B Roadster

Fast road specification & 5 speed gearbox. The very British sports car that is more than fifty years young and continues to please. High top... Read more about MG B Roadster »

1931 Morris 8 Minor Two Seater

Closely related to the MG M type but with less fussy side valve engine, the little Morris can be relied on to provide miles of smiles linked to... Read more about Morris 8 Minor Two Seater »

1930 Morris Minor 5cwt Van

As more small pre-war businesses struggled through the great recession, the light commercial became an important part of the economic recovery.... Read more about Morris Minor 5cwt Van »

1933 Morris 10/4 Saloon

The Morris Ten Saloon was announced in September 1932, being a medium sized car designed for the popular 10h.p. market, largely occupied by Austin... Read more about Morris 10/4 Saloon »

1999 Porsche Boxster

The convertible sporting Boxster was built by Porsche from 1996; closely related to the Cayman, these siblings were in the same family of... Read more about Porsche Boxster »

1935 Riley 9hp Merlin Saloon

A gentleperson’s sporting saloon of great character, hand built by the Riley brothers in the pre Nuffield era. Rumour has it that in the... Read more about Riley 9hp Merlin Saloon »

1960 Rover P4 100 Saloon

Offering solid workmanship and dependability, Rovers of all generations appeal to those who appreciate performance, comfort and understated... Read more about Rover P4 100 Saloon »

1957 Royal Enfield 350cc Clipper

Produced alongside the 250cc Clipper, the 350cc model had an extra 4bhp from its reliable four stroke engine. Suspension was by telescopic forks... Read more about Royal Enfield 350cc Clipper »

1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STi 5 Door Estate

The Japanese Subaru products have been well received in the UK and none more so than the Impreza range, which not only are popular in normal... Read more about Subaru Impreza WRX STi 5 Door Estate »

1936 Sunbeam Model 14 250cc Semi-Sports

Sunbeam Motorcycles have stood the test of time and the Model 14 has been a particular success during its production from 1933 to 1938. Many were... Read more about Sunbeam Model 14 250cc Semi-Sports »

1973 Triumph Stag

Following a less than successful launch from the motoring press, the Stag has gained popularity over the years, thanks largely to the efforts of... Read more about Triumph Stag »

1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster

Boosted by TV fame in the early Bergerac series, the Triumph Roadster came to the public eye and has remained popular for its long distance... Read more about Triumph 2000 Roadster »

1974 Triumph Stag

LATE ENTRY. LATE ENTRY This stylish Stag has been owned by a Triumph Stag Owner’s Club member for thirty years and in 2018, the sports... Read more about Triumph Stag »

1968 Yamaha 5OU-5 (U-5E)

  Famous for the quality engineering and reliability, and as a departure from the production of musical instruments, in 1955 Nippon Gakki... Read more about Yamaha 5OU-5 (U-5E) »