We wish our customers and friends a healthy and happy new year!

We have learnt much from the vagrancies of 2020 and have gained confidence that we can still operate effectively despite Lockdowns and government restrictions. Our first online only sale was a great success and we developed an alternative Private Treaty Sale system for those wishing to dispose of their Classic vehicles without having to await the next actual Auction sale.


Long term movement restrictions suddenly imposed at the New Year mean our team will have difficulty in viewing entries in preparation for an Auction on March 11th. We remain adamant that each vehicle must be properly inspected and photographed so that we are fully conversant with each one and are able to discuss them in detail with prospective purchasers. Relying solely on vendor’s descriptions and photographs is not within our remit and lacks the professionalism we try to maintain.

For this reason we are thus cancelling our Sale on March 11th and are bringing forward our June date to May 20th in the fervent hope that by then we can return to our much loved site at Henstridge Airfield, where Vendors and Purchasers can once again enjoy our very special brand of Auction Sale in appropriate surroundings in safety.

Meanwhile we can offer our Private Treaty Sale service by appointment, allowing classic vehicles to be sold as of now from our premises at Station Road, Stalbridge, with the option of entering the May Sale if required. This means that even if we cannot visit a Client we can arrange to have their vehicle professionally transported to our premises for evaluation and processing in the normal way.

If you are contemplating the sale of an Historic Vehicle do please contact our team for advice and assistance.