Superb bikes bid for your attention

A trio of BSA motorcycles at our next sale will tempt fans of two wheelers.

Many will remember cutting their teeth on a Bantam and there’s a 1966 D7 175 cc (guide price £1,000-£1,500) that’s had a superb restoration to whet the appetite at the event, taking place at Athelhampton House, near Dorchester, on Thursday, September 13th.

Once riders graduated, big bikes took their fancy, such as the 1957 Road Rocket (£5,500-£7,500) or the ultimate for ton-up boys, a 1969 A65 Rocket Lightning Café Racer Special (£9,000-£12,000) with a hand-built frame and polished alloy tank that’s perfect to lie along while making full use of the streamlined seat.

Off-road riders have the choice of two Montesa Cota trail bikes from Spain, where they enjoyed a sunny start to life. A 1978 348 (£800-£1,300) is joined in the catalogue by a 1979 349 (£700-£1,200).

Brian says: “There’s quite a fun mix of cars and motorcycles in the sale for those who want to relive their ton-up days or ex-riders happy to remember faster times while enjoying four wheels and a touch of luxury. If they want to do it in the company of friends, there’s even a Leyland Leopard single deck bus, which should have enough seats!”