Stand-out car in a field of MG Bs

One of the last limited edition MG B Roadsters is about to come to auction with us – after a total of 18 years in storage, starting with five years when it was brand new.

The car, now A19 MGB, was manufactured in 1980 but not registered until November, 1985, as C889 RPG in Surrey, evidenced by the security etching still visible in the passenger side window.

After it was bought in 1993, showing around 10,000 miles, it acquired its current cherished number, now to be sold with the car at our next sale at Henstridge Airfield, between Shaftesbury and Sherborne, on March 19th.

During its time with that owner, chrome wire wheels were fitted to replace the painted wire wheels with which it was supplied new, one of around 200 cars to have them. The car was put into storage in 2006 after the owner had bought an MG TD and the very latest mid-engined TF. In 2016 he sold both the MG B and the TF.

The car is in good original condition and still shows less than 37,000 miles, which we believe genuine.

The owner, who acquired the car in 1993, buys his period Castrol oil from Unicorn Motor Company for his TD and he has now generously supplied the original painted wire wheels which match the unused spare in the boot and will be sold with the car so the next owner can return it to original specification if desired.

With more than half a million MG Bs manufactured between 1962 and 1980 there’s no shortage of cars in existence. However, this one is rather special with its LE bronze paint and gold side stripes, believed low mileage, and with a registration plate that makes it one of the very few MG Bs that can wear a prefix number under the DVLA system introduced in 1983.

The car could readily be brought up to show standard but it would also appeal to potential owners who want to retain its period patina and get it on the road for the summer. It is one of the “rubber bumper” cars that are now showing a rise in value after years being out of favour, with many disappearing or being altered to chrome bumper style. Buyers are appreciating they deserve recognition although at present prices are still very appealing when compared with earlier cars that are often non-original because they have been wearied by age.

There can be few better opportunities to become the owner of a low mileage MG B with such an interesting back story. It remains good yet unrestored and has spent 23 years, the majority of the time it has been registered, with one very caring enthusiast owner before he passed it to a private collector in 2016 who has now decided to reduce his stable.

The car also features a black factory-fitted front air dam, black leather upholstery, and a manual overdrive gearbox. Upgrades include the chrome wire wheels, with the originals supplied at time of sale, an alloy rocker cover and a stainless steel exhaust system. Recent maintenance has seen the fitting of a new alternator, distributor, battery, water pump, and interior light switch.

Paperwork included in the file verifies that the cylinder head has been overhauled and refaced, and we understand the car has been converted to run on unleaded fuel. It is literally ready to take to the open road with an MoT until late July this year that shows no advisories.

With an estimate of £7,000 - £8,000 this is a real opportunity for the enthusiast.