Our Spring 2013 Sale Includes.........

A private collection of veteran and vintage bicycles and related items has been consigned to our Spring 2013 Sale, which will be held on the 21st March at the usual Gartell Light Railway venue. A c1868 Velocipede, commonly known as a 'Boneshaker', together with a c1870 Humber Ordinary bicycle, a c1880 Coventry Machine Co Ordinary bicycle and a c1908 Ladies Safety bicycle form the earlier models in the collection. An amazing pre-war Invalid Carriage and a Baker’s Delivery Tricycle are amongst the more unusual models, and for children, the collection offers a c1930s bicycle, c1920s Paticycle, a selection of tricycles, a Renault pedal car, a scooter and two dolls prams.

Ranging from the 1920s up to the 1950s, the cycle collection includes a number of interesting gents and ladies bicycles, all in working order, but some in need of some light recommissioning. For men, two super Rudge-Whitworth bicycles will be offered at the sale, together with a Sunbeam, an ex. Taunton Constabulary Hercules, two Raleigh bicycles, a BSA ‘Regency’ and a (presumed) Royal Enfield used by an ARP warden. Ladies bicycles include a 1930s sports model and a Humber Safety Cycle. Finally, two perambulators, one c1928 and the other post-war, also form part of the varied collection.

Our new 'Other lots for auction' section will offer more detailed descriptions of these and many other items included in the 21 March auction.