Whilst gloom and despondency is being forecast for the coming months with yet more Covid, formidable heating bills, unpalatable food prices and all sorts of galactic mishaps promising to wipe out mankind, isn’t it great to see that our specialist firm of vintage and classic automobile auctioneers has already pulled some very fine entries out of the bag for their next sale on Thursday 25th November?

Happily there has never been a vaccination against the desire for a vintage/classic car. That can only be a good thing as once again DVCA, based in Stalbridge, north Dorset, produce a rare offering in the form of a 1956 Lancia Aurelia B12 Pillarless 4 door saloon. For any Lancia lover, particularly for one blessed with a loving family and needing four seat accommodation,  the chic Fulvias are out, but here we have close to the ultimate, a four door saloon with all  the Roman Romance in performance and handling of a true Lancia, clothed in a clever pillarless body beloved of the marque. Any proper pre-Fiat Lancia should come with a Government health warning as they are truly addictive and this B12 Aurelia should be no exception. There are those that will mutter ‘rust problems’ but let’s face it according to the current media, mankind has little time left and the Lancia may well see us out in this case.

On top of this DVCA have further delights already entered. Three venerable vintage vehicles for instance from a private collection and comprising:-

1921 Sunbeam 16h.p. 4/5 Seat Tourer, a 1931 Sunbeam 18.2hp 2 door Drophead Coupe and a 1914 Talbot 15hp four seat Tourer. The Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register will provide information and advice on all three.  You can experience the magnificent over – engineering of the Sunbeams and the fleet-footedness of their cousin the Talbot. A truly lovely collection for those that appreciate the art of motoring rather than just driving from A-B with little real enjoyment. Even a trip to Tescos will be memorable in one of these.

DVCA also delight in the less exotic classics suitable for near daily use. Already consigned for November 25th are a 1938 Morris Eight Series One , two seat tourer enthusiast owned and ready to use, plus a 1968  Triumph Herald Estate in attractive two tone livery for those looking for something practical but different from a Morris Traveller.

More Entries welcomed as always by our experienced team, two of which can boast some 150 years between them of enthusing and dealing in Vintage and Classic Vehicles. Such knowledge is precious and yours for the asking. Please call us on   01963 363353 or email at info@dvca.co.uk. if you would like help in selling your classic. Meanwhile a visit to our website will keep you up to date with new arrivals.