When the country is being battered by storms, strikes, continual Covid and a cost of living crisis, this really is the time to have a classic vehicle in the garage or close by. Each of the DVCA team has something and would vouch for this theory. Smiles and a warm glow are quite attainable despite the trauma surrounding us. So here we offer the opportunity to join the ranks of the undaunted.

As Specialist Auctioneers concerned only with matters of classic motoring, we are delighted to produce a particularly diverse selection of suitable vehicles, on two, three and four wheels plus of course, attendant automobilia. Our website www.dvca.co.uk is well worth a visit and our regular full catalogue will be available shortly. All lots are considered worthy of Classic status, DVCA preferring to concentrate in small numbers of interesting entries rather than backfilling with ‘second hand’ cars to make up numbers. Thank you to our fine clutch of clients who have entrusted us with their collections, and to the families who have entered much loved pets and those of a departed member.

Firstly, after working through some hundred lots of automobilia we will turn to the motorcycles and what a selection! Pride of place we thought would be the magnificent Harley-Davidson as styled and built by the Bobber Brothers and actually having pride of place in the vendor’s living room. When offered to an ex Motorcycle News journalist, he remarked that actually he would go for the Motobecane Mobylette, which was so original, could easily be found garage space and could well be useful in the current economic climate. He may not have spotted the charming pale blue 1970 Vespa Scooter with Commercial Sidecar, which must be a first and ideal for delivering those Amazon parcels in an affordable manner. Between these two extremities lie a 1957 Ariel Colt, with its sibling a handsome Leader, a 1950 BSA Bantam D1 and a 1928 Raleigh 248cc. Larger offerings include a 1930 Scott Two Speed Super Squirrel and a well- engineered Sunbeam S8 of 1949 and a brace of Triumphs comprising a 1991 Trophy and a mighty Thunderbird. If you prefer to get muddy the 2000 Yamaha DT125 R should fill the bill.

Turning to the cars, the trio of Bentleys from the fifties deserve much thought. Considering they should make around half the price of a much vaunted electric vehicle, just look what you get. As progress seems to suggest slower speeds will become the norm, it would seem sensible to enjoy comfortable surroundings of genuine leather, walnut, plush carpeting and quiet enjoyment. An experience which should not be passed over. Any of these beauties in the garage must be preferable to a seemingly highly inflammable motoring device in which confidence may be lacking especially in the matter of recovery and repair.

On a less expensive note but still offering good build quality and comfortable usability, move on to the 1964 Vanden Plas 3 Litre Saloon, less expensive perhaps than the Rolls-Royce engined version but refined and rare. The 1969 Rover P6 can be included in these thoughts as can the spacious 1964 Ford Zephyr Zodiac Mk111 automatic.

Winter project seekers will appreciate the 1933 Riley Lynx on which much has been done, the barn fresh 1938 MGTA Midget and the worthy 1952 Riley RME Saloon, plus the pretty 1980 Fiat 124Sport Spyder.

Sporting lots include a 1981 Triumph TR7 convertible and a 1971 MGBGT, both considered sensible and very easy to live with. Not to be missed is the 1952 Austin A40 Sports. Remember that Jensen 4 seat coachwork, well now imagine a 1622cc MGA engine and a few tweaks and you have an interesting family mount with a bit of go! Cue here a thunderous roar as someone starts up the fantastic 2007 Dax Tojeiro Cobra, the most satisfying way imaginable to lose one’s licence surely.

Particular mention at this point must go to our dynamic and highly knowledgeable collector of Renaults who has entered a rare 1931 Primaquatre saloon, a superb 1982 Fuego GTS Coupe, much renowned in its day for covering large distances in great comfort, reasonable speed, but also quite economically and its really rare  and gorgeous 1973 sibling, the 15TL Coupe in bright yellow. Along with these he has entered his 1955 R7013 Tractor which has clearly been excused mucky farmyards for many years and looks immaculate.

Whilst on matters agricultural, here is a fine looking 1982 Land Rover Range Rover Classic 3.5 from another private collection. Just arrived as we write, a 1958 ex Civil Defence Land Rover Series One 88” will be a welcome addition.

Speaking of private collections, we welcome from Nottinghamshire, two loveable lorries, a 1927 Dennis 2.5 ton truck and a 1929 Ford Model AA Flatbed, both ready for use, steam fairs and the like. So whatever we can do to help you embark on a rewarding period of classic motoring, or to simply increase your collection, we will guide you through the acquisition process, please do contact us on 01963 363353 or by email info@dvca.co.uk