Classic buyers keep their enthusiasm

While the Covid-19 precautions have affected classic car auction sales, they have not dampened the enthusiasm of buyers completely.

Brian Chant reports that since the last sale on March 19th at Henstridge Airfield was hit by a dramatic drop in the number of bidders attending, enquiries about unsold cars have continued from both British buyers and those further afield.

“It’s obvious that enthusiasts are keen to keep their hobby going and the beauty of buying from a company like DVCA is that the provenance of the cars offered has already been ascertained and there’s the reassurance that should things not be as described then a remedy is quick and effective,” says Brian.

“We also have the ability to keep cars safe until the current restrictions on movement are lifted, meaning owners can celebrate virtually straight away once the cars are able to be delivered.

“That means the new owner of the 1924 Mathis Type PM Trefle Tourer in Germany will be seeing his ‘new’ historic car some time in the summer, hopefully early enough to get plenty of enjoyment from it.

“The same applies to the buyer of a 1961 MG A 1600 Mk II Roadster, which should be getting plenty of top-down use when it arrives in Malta! Less likely to be enjoying constant hot weather, and therefore grateful for the permanent roof, is the Hampshire buyer of our 1947 Sunbeam-Talbot Ten Saloon.

“We have had a number of enquiries about a 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL280 AMG Auto with Hardtop which will certainly blow away the cobwebs after weeks of being stuck at home and that’s probably the thinking behind the calls we are getting for the stunning 1966 Volkswagen Type 2 Split Screen Camper from as far away as Romania!

“As well as an auctions house, DVCA has always been active in the classic and historic sales arena while the associate Unicorn Motor Company is still busy with restorations and repairs as well as the supply of classic Castrol oils.”