Sale results for 15 October 2015

Dorset Vintage & Classic Auctions (DVCA) Covid 19 Status

In view of the current restrictions, which will prevent us offering our particular brand of specialist public auctions for historic vehicles and automobilia held at Henstridge Airfield, DVCA proposes the following measures to maintain sales on behalf of our clients and continued enthusiasm for all we enjoy in handling such vehicles.

Motor cars and motorcycles may now be entered For Sale by Auction but with the caveat ‘unless previously sold’.

It may be some while before we can produce an actual auction sale as such. Thus instead of waiting for a declared auction date, vehicles will initially be offered for sale by private treaty, i.e. they may be purchased at any time before the next stated auction sale by agreement between buyer and seller by negotiation carried out through DVCA. This brings each vehicle on to the market straight away and it will be marketed as such for the remainder of the current crisis.

In the event of a sale being negotiated through DVCA, our fees will be charged at the rate of 10% +VAT

Once the threat of this virus is declared over, the vendors of any remaining vehicles will have the option of entering their vehicles For Sale by Auction, and they will appear on the appropriate section of our website and catalogued in the normal way. An entry fee to cover these additional expenses will be payable as for any DVCA sale and commission charged as normal.

We are fortunate in having workshop facilities on site via our sister firm Unicorn Motor Co. Pre-sale work can be carried out by agreement to make sure the vehicle is displayed to its best advantage.

Clearly viewing at our Stalbridge premises must be carried out in accordance with strict government guidelines to maintain maximum safety to all involved. A prospective purchaser will be asked to make an appointment and certain procedures will be initiated as necessary to preserve social distancing and hygiene.

DVCA are committed to providing a professional approach to this problem, allowing in our case for the fact that not all our clients have the technical advantages in equipment, or indeed knowledge to operate the same in a confident manner. Much can go adrift in cyber space oriented systems and we prefer that you have a human being at your service throughout.

DVCA are happy to arrange properly prescribed transport for your vehicle and look forward to taking care of it within the constraints of the current situation. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

1932 Austin 10 Tourer with Dickey

For those seeking a little more space and refinement than the popular ‘baby’ Seven, Austin offered the Ten from 1932 to 1947. The Ten... Read more about Austin 10 Tourer with Dickey »

1979 Austin Morris Mini Clubman Auto Convertible

This is a Mini with a difference: sporting a convertible roof modification which is easy to operate, the small modern classic is surely the... Read more about Austin Morris Mini Clubman Auto Convertible »

2001 BMW 740i Auto Sport Saloon

Certainly earning the tag ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, the 7 Series arrived from BMW in 1977 and instantly found favour with the... Read more about BMW 740i Auto Sport Saloon »

1996 GMC Suburban 5.7 Litre V8 Auto Estate

On April 6th, 1997, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times wrote “The Suburban, as a big status symbol it has become the vehicle of the stars... Read more about GMC Suburban 5.7 Litre V8 Auto Estate »

1947 Hillman Minx Drophead Coupe

The Hillman Minx was introduced in 1932 to take the company into the mass production class, providing a robust and attractive vehicle for... Read more about Hillman Minx Drophead Coupe »

1965 Land Rover Series 2A LWB Motor Caravan

  This fascinating Land Rover started life as a Series 2A 109” Pick-Up Truck. Sometime later, a Series 3 engine was fitted, which... Read more about Land Rover Series 2A LWB Motor Caravan »

1976 Lotus Eclat 521

From 1974 until 1982, Lotus produced the ‘fastback’ styled Eclat. The futuristic wedge-shaped design, quintessential of the era,... Read more about Lotus Eclat 521 »

1968 MG B Roadster

Succeeding the MGA, the B range of models were innovative for their era. The lightweight monocoque construction produced a vehicle that was... Read more about MG B Roadster »

1937 Morgan 4-4 Series I

First introduced in 1936, the 4-4 was Morgan’s first sports car with four wheels. The 1122cc Coventry Climax four cylinder engine also... Read more about Morgan 4-4 Series I »

1929 Morris Minor OHC Semi-Sports

The original Morris Minor arrived in 1928, in direct competition with the phenomenon that was the Austin Seven. The model was equipped with cable... Read more about Morris Minor OHC Semi-Sports »

1938 Morris 8 Series II Tourer

Production of the Series I lasted for the first two years of Morris’ production of the ‘8’. The small, practical and... Read more about Morris 8 Series II Tourer »

1938 Packard Super Eight Touring Limousine

Founded in Ohio by two brothers, James and William Packard, together with their partner George Weiss, the first single cylinder horseless carriage... Read more about Packard Super Eight Touring Limousine »

c1938 Raven 16' Dominion Touring Caravan

The current custodian purchased this c1938 16 foot Caravan in 1994, with a view to restoring and taking to local shows. For various reasons, the... Read more about Raven 16' Dominion Touring Caravan »

1929 Rolls-Royce 20hp Two Door Weymann Close Coupled Saloon by Freestone and Webb

Produced from 1922 until 1929, the 20hp was the smallest member of Rolls-Royce’s glorious trio of 1920s motor cars. In contrast to the... Read more about Rolls-Royce 20hp Two Door Weymann Close Coupled Saloon by Freestone and Webb »

1975 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I

In 1965, Rolls-Royce introduced an entirely new design with unitary construction, self-levelling independent suspension and servo assisted brakes... Read more about Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I »

1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Touring Sports Saloon by Hooper

Rolls-Royce built their 20/25 between 1929 and 1936 as a replacement for the 20hp. Originally intended to be a smaller car for owners to drive... Read more about Rolls-Royce 20/25 Touring Sports Saloon by Hooper »

1998 Rover Mini Cooper

The original highly-influential design for the Mini by Sir Alec Issigonis was perfection in the eyes of most and stylistically, the motor car... Read more about Rover Mini Cooper »

1972 Suzuki RV 90 J

Often referred to as a ‘Monkey Bike’, in fact the correct terminology for the Suzuki RV 90 J is a ‘Sand Bike’. This... Read more about Suzuki RV 90 J »

1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 with Hardtop

The phenomenally successful Spitfire roared onto the motoring scene in 1962. It was Triumph’s challenger to other sports cars of the era,... Read more about Triumph Spitfire 1500 with Hardtop »

1979 Yamaha RS125 - DX Model

Now a rare model, the RS125 is a well-constructed light motorcycle, as one would expect from Yamaha. The DX designation refers to the front disc... Read more about Yamaha RS125 - DX Model »