1995 Mercedes-Benz E280 Auto Estate

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: E280 Auto Estate
Year: 1995
Registration Number: M998 DLP
Chassis Number: WDB1240882F324472
Engine Number: 10494222059876
Transmission: Automatic
Steering: Right Hand Drive
Colour: Tourmaline Green Pearl Metallic
MOT Test Expiry: 4 February 2021
Mileage: 124900
Price: £2900

Your children / grandchildren will reckon you are better than any telly timelord when you show how your newly-acquired classic Mercedes bends time.

For while those in the first two rows of seats in this Mercedes-Benz E280 estate travel forwards in time, the two occupying the third row travel backwards in the same dimension, thanks to the rear-facing double seat accessed via the tailgate.

Rather than arriving in a hissing and flashing old Police call box, you will be noticed thanks to the Tourmaline Green pearl metallic paint of this practical motor car, delivered in smooth and relatively silent style thanks to the long-cherished combination of an inline six cylinder engine coupled to an automatic transmission with sport mode that drives the rear wheels in this time-honoured mechanical layout.

Owners who have savoured the delights of seven seat estates from Volvo, Mercedes, Toyota (Crown), and Datsun (280C) will remember the squeals of delight from children in seats six and seven as they pulled faces at the driver of the vehicle behind. But it’s a new experience for the current younger generation who have grown up in a motoring world of MPVs and SUVs.

This Mercedes-Benz has yet to pass the 125,000 mile mark so would be regarded by many as just about run in. The motor car has a newly-acquired MoT expiring in February, 2021, acquired without comment from the tester! It is also accompanied by a V5C certificate and comprehensive history file with handbooks. It has seen little use during the last decade and a half but arrives for the sale after a recent service so is ready for a summer of use.

With its capacious body (superficially damaged on the nearside rear quarter panel), inviting yet sensible cloth interior with sufficient wood trim to appeal to traditional British luxury car buyers, and readiness to be put to work – or preserved in aspic with little extra effort – it has wide appeal among the wide field of potential owners who regard these big Mercedes-Benz estates as the epitome of the brand’s quality.

For Sale: £2900