From a Private Collection

1928 Voigt Fair Organ Model 34, 56 Keyless

Make: Voigt
Model: Fair Organ Model 34, 56 Keyless
Year: 1928
Price: £42000

This rare and marvellous fair organ was manufactured by German company H Voigt in Hoechst, near Frankfurt, probably in the early 1920s, and it was used in conjunction with a carousel throughout Germany up until the Second World War. Post-war, it passed to a Dutch showman who, it is understood, travelled with the organ and a fairground ride until the early 1960s. The organ then spent some time at the entrance of an amusement park in Holland before being purchased by the late Kees Adriansen, a collector of dance hall organs in Tilburg. The Voigt was stored in a large building and rarely used; the previous custodian spotted it in 2002 and by that time, it was in a poor state although it was able play music, albeit out of tune.  Six months later, the previous owner finally struck a deal with Mr Adriansen to purchase the Voigt himself, and it was shipped to the UK for a thorough restoration which was completed in September 2004. It has been restored from ‘top to bottom’ but is extraordinarily original, with all original pipework intact and none of the metalwork changed, although it was apparently necessary to replace perishable parts, such as the leather bellows. The organ is a marvellous testament to its talented and expert restorer, Kevin Meayers and it now plays exactly as it would have done in 1928 with an extensive range of a deep trombone bass and registers for violin, ocarina and glockenspiel.

In 2006, ownership passed to its current custodian, a collector of vintage motor cars and memorabilia, and at that point, it was understood to be the only Voigt organ in the UK, which is probably still the case. The previous and current owners have enjoyed displaying and playing the fair organ at events and it has unsurprisingly been a very popular and rather famous exhibit. The current owner has cared for it well and it remains in truly superb condition, with four hours of traditional and correct music books included in the sale, as well as the custom built continental style display trailer and a number of pre-recorded CDs of the Voigt’s repertoire. What a fabulous opportunity for an enthusiast interested in historical transport or fairground memorabilia.

FOR SALE: £42000